Moving Escapades

So I left you on Friday afternoon with our hands up in the air about when exactly we were going to be able to move into our new place.

At 5ish, I went to pick up the boy from the ferry. The ferry was late.

Then we headed to the Lynnwood U-Haul to pick up our truck.

They sent us to Shoreline.

On a Friday evening.

Down Hwy 99.


Traffic was HOriffic.

I dropped the boy, went to Papa Murphys (Chicken Garlic DeLite, light on the cheese), went home, threw the pizza in the oven, directed the boy in the H-U-G-E U-haul when he got back.

We scarfed down half the pizza. Loaded the truck with Goodwill stuff. He left for Goodwill, I started breaking down some furniture. He returned. We finished the rest of the pizza and started loading up the U-Haul.


We worked until just after 9pm and got most of our boxes in the truck.

We go to lock the truck. Um, our lock doesn’t fit. So a trip to the drugstore down the way for a lock (and a Izze for me, beer for him) and we are finally home, shoes off, asses on the couch by 10. Bed by 10:30.

And up Saturday morning by 6:30. Nate was there shortly after to help with the moving. I split and picked up breakfast for the men while they worked on loading furniture into the massive u-haul.


Yep, McDonalds. As promised.


I had a sausage McGriddle, hashbrown, and OJ.


It was fabulous.

We busted out the rest of loading and we were done by 9 basically! That rocked. Then Jodus and I spent 4 hours cleaning. 4 hard hours. That place was cleaner than when we came. If we don’t get our full deposit back, I’m gonna be pissed. Seriously.

Somewhere midst the cleaning (I think around 11:30?) we stopped for a mini lunch break. I made sandwiches (Turkey, rice cheddar cheeze, mayo, mustard, tomato) and had some FSTG chips.

015 016017

I had to get creative with the mayo. I packed all our knives up already.


Yep. I ripped up paper plate was my knife!


And there was lots of Gatorade. We went through 4 large bottles this weekend, and 2 coconut waters, and 2 6-packs of beer. 😀

019  020

After all the cleaning was done, we called our landlady, gave our keys to the neighbor that will be showing the place, made one last trip to Goodwill, and finally headed to the ferry.


The wait sucked. Maybe an hour? But we made it on and just sat in exhaustion. A coconut water kept me entertained.


I also rocked the ferry food – a pretzel with cheese and a cookie.

024 025

Tasted really good. REALLY. Food is so good when you are tired!

We made it to our new house just before 5 and the tenant was still moving out and cleaning. Our new landlady was due to show up around 6:30 so we parked the u-hual and headed to Silver City for dinner and met up with my dad!

031 032

I think one of the better parts of this move is that I’m going to be in much closer proximity to my old man! Love that!

We started with beer, naturally!


I got the Belgian Blonde, a seasonal. It was soooooo good going down! I sucked it down faster than any other beer to date I imagine!

033 037

For an appetizer (since again, we were starving), Jodus and I split the Smoked Steelhead.


It’s almost as good as my dad’s salmon cheese ball. Almost.


I love the cute little jar they served it in! We polished that bad boy off!


For my entree, I ordered the balsamic chicken sandwich, aka Chicken Gone Wild!

029 043

It wasn’t very wild. The walnut goat cheese was amazing but it needed more balsamic and lacked any sort of flavor other than the cheese.

With a side of slaw instead of fries. (I mean, I had been gorging all day on crap. I had to make one good decision!)

045 044

Jodus ordered the BBQ Pork sandwich and it was monstrous. He had no problem with that though! (And 2 IPAs!)

035 046

And Dad had a mountain of an Asian Salad.

047 049

I’m glad I didn’t order that because it was full of that curly bitter lettuce-y stuff that I pick out of my Spring Mix!

We headed back to the new house and arrived about a quarter to 7. The tenant and land lady were doing a very lackadaisical walk-through.

We were really disappointed with the state of the house. It was hardly cleaned at all… if at all. Paint spots hadn’t been fixed. The yard was a mess. There was the tenants stuff everywhere. And still is, actually! They left their dog here until after 10pm. We tried to be nice about it but it was seriously a little ridiculous. We were so tired though, we didn’t want to deal with it and we just started unloading the U-Haul.

Between Jodus and I, my dad, and one of Jodus’ coworkers, George, we had the truck unloaded in about an hour with all the stuff it the respective rooms. That’s badass. Dad scooted home and George helped us put together the beds and stayed to drink some beer while I started casually unpacking.

After the tenant came back for the dog, we pretty much crashed immediately.

Sunday morning, we got up slowly after sleeping in, showered (dual shower heads FTW!), went to drop the U-Hual, and went to breakfast at Big Apple Diner.

051 052

I had been here once before with friends and Jodus had been here a lot when he lived over here a few years ago. But today, it wasn’t as good as we remembered.

053 054 056

I started with green tea.


Please note: the mugs do match the menus!


And ordered the corned beef hash with 2 over medium eggs and whole wheat toast.

058 061

The boy got biscuits and gravy with 2 eggs and helped me with my toast.


We spent the next nearly 4 hours working on unpacking the kitchen/garage. We are utilizing the same technique as our last place and have a wire utility rack set up in the garage for kitchen appliances that don’t fit in the kitchen. Don’t worry, I’ll share pictures once we are all settled in.

My dad showed up to take our old TV + stand off our hands and we roped him into going to Subway with us for a quick bite.


It was after 2pm and again, we were starving. Seemed to be the theme this weekend.


Veggie on wheat, no cheese, lots of veggies, and apparently a lot of Southwest and Ranch. She was a little heavy handed.


We headed to Lowe’s and spent waaaaay too much money on random crap: keys, light bulbs, a ladder, garden house, sprinkler, nozzle, garage door openers that don’t work, a shower caddy, a toilet paper holder… random crap.

Dad installed the shower thing for us (it’s a corner tension thingy that doesn’t work well with vaulted ceilings so he had to come up with some pretty awesome things to get it to work). And we worked on unpacking more.

Eventually, Dad went home, we went to Bangor to get Jodus’ car that he left at work on Friday, and I went grocery shopping at our new grocery store. It’s a Safeway, maybe half a mile down the road? I didn’t like it as much as my old QFC. But it could be I just don’t know it well enough yet.

Dinner was a quick hodge-podge.

While I was at the store, Jodus boiled some tortellini’s and heated up a can of tomato sauce. When I got home, I spiced up the plain tomato sauce with some Italian seasonings, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper. Waaaay cheaper than buying cans of prepared sauce!


And a side of steamed broccoli, sprinkled with garlic pepper.


It hit the spot.


After dinner, the boy got the internet up, we watched a show, and crashed hard.

Moving is exhausting. We ache all over. And I’m super dehydrated. But it’s all going to be worth it.

We are trying to negotiate with our landlady and the owner for a reduction in rent if we work on fixing the place up. A lot needs to be done. So we’ll see. We are going to have a house guest in a few weeks so our goal is to be basically set up and settled in by then. We currently have shopping lists for Ikea, Target, and Costco in the works. 😀 YAY for spending money!


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