Moseying Mellow Monday

Today was pretty mellow! I’m just moseying into the week! We didn’t get up until nearly 6 (4:45 at the old place!) and I made boring oatmeal for us and saw the boy off to work!


I went in around 9:30 and only stayed for a few hours. Tech support hadn’t gotten around to our ticket to work on setting up my computer and networking so I couldn’t do much of anything. That was okay by me today!

I came home for a quick lunch – leftover tortellini with sauce + parm.

[insert picture here! 😉 ]

And then I changed and turned around to go back to Lowe’s to get more bulbs and exchange the garage door openers we bought.

I walked down to the mail box, got there, and realized I didn’t know the mail box number. I guess I thought it would just have our house number on it?

I goofed off for awhile. Unloaded the dishwasher, virtual shopped at Ikea, checked my email… I talked to the previous tenant who was going to come by later to take care of the remaining items and found out which mailbox we were.

So then I walked back down to the mailbox. I think I was too timid with the key. It didn’t seem to want to go in. (TWSS?) So I headed back home, empty handed. A couple hours later, I tried again, harder, after confirming the box number. And still, no luck. Jodus tried when he came home too. We think it’s the wrong key.

I went through our entire place and took pictures of damage. Since we didn’t do a proper walk-through (Hell! We haven’t even signed a lease yet!), we wanted to have some evidence of the pre-existing condition. Again, we are hoping to fix it up for rent reduction. That would be bad ass. We are meeting with the landlady and repair guy on Wednesday – YAY!

For dinner, we fired up the grill on this gorgeous August day! (YAY for birthday months!)

We had Morningstar Black Bean Burgers.


On whole wheat sandwich thins topped with mayo, Cholula, veggie pepperjack cheeze, tomato slice, onion slice, and spinach.

Corn on the cob with butter, s&p.


And grilled zucchini spears.


After dinner, we did some stuff around the house, ran an errand. Boring crap.

I’m pooped. See you tomorrow!


2 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to see the photos of the new place (hint, hint!).

  2. I can’t get enough of these black bean burgers!! It’s pretty safe to say that I prefer them over regular beef burgers now.

    And how about this beautiful NW weather? It’s about time summer arrived! I hope it sticks around for another couple of months at least. We shall see.

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