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We’ve officially moved on to paper plates!


Breakfast was a scramble using leftover rosemary chicken, spinach, and parmesan – pretty darn tasty! But not filling enough. I had rumbles in my tummy by 10.


Tomorrow marks my last day at our Bellevue office. Since tomorrow is Friday and most of the people in my office are lame cool and don’t work on Friday’s, we celebrated today!

First thing this morning, I was greeted by a kombucha from Christina!


I’ve never had this brand before (I think) and it was much less intense and more juice-like than the GT’s stuff. It basically tasted like a funky apple juice.

AND she got me some mini sweet treats from Whole Foods! (See the blueberry for size comparison!)


I had one all to myself and split one with her and the rest are still in the fridge. I have a feeling I might be sneaking one in tonight!

THEN Lori brought me flowers and a card!


So pretty!

And Scott gave me a card (with some ca$h monies! Score!).

For lunch, we had an office-wide potluck!


My plate of goodies:


I went back for a second turkey meatball and a spring roll. And a slice of tart.

There was lots of fun goodies – everyone said this was the healthiest potluck we’ve had! Do people know me or what?! 😀 There were 3 “green” salads, bean dip, turkey meatballs, spring rolls, whole wheat mini pitas with chicken curry salad, fresh fruit, chicken breast with fun dipping sauces, potato salad (which I passed on), and a Whole Foods rice salad thingy with zucchini and squash and arugula in it which was really good!

Everyone said really nice things. And there might have been a few tears shed.

And I totally played the “My kitchen is packed!” game and took a buttload of leftovers home for dinner so we wouldn’t have to order take-out! W00t!

The rice salad:


Half a blurry leftover chicken breast + salad:


Spring roll:


Mini pita + chicken curry salad:


And some kale chips for added greenage:


Aren’t our paper plates tiny and cute?!


And our mess of a table donned with pretty roses:


We spent a solid 3 hours packing tonight and got the upstairs DONE. The downstairs is mostly done with the exception of a few kitchen things and the boy is working on electronics as we speak! Gotta go help! Toodles!

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