Waffles + Wine

Waffle Wednesday!


We were geniuses and made extra waffles last week and froze them so we could celebrate this week! We had 3 leftover so I had 1 1/4 and tore them up into their cute little triangles and utilized the dip method for my syrup.

005 006 007

Being busy at work really makes me not notice an appetite! I have been eating lunch much later! Today, I had more chili – but just half a bowl this time – and some very lightly nuked asparagus (eaten with fingers!).

 003002  001

Dinner was another pantry special: spaghetti!


I used Venison Hot Italian sausage, courtesy of my fam, canned tomato sauce, diced tomato, cremini mushrooms, an onion, half a head of garlic, and some spices over whole wheat noodles.


Not very original, I know, but we are working on slim pickings here, folks!


And we had zero problems polishing off a bottle of vino.


Tonight we are basically taking it easy! With the help of Jodus’ sister, we booked cheap-o tickets to Phoenix for Columbus Day in October! Yay! Tomorrow will be a hard core evening of packing. Friday evening will be loading + cleaning. It’s COMING!


2 Responses

  1. How long will you guys be in Phx? Hit me up if you want to hook up at some point!

    • It’ll be Oct 8-11. I’d love to get together at some point but I have no idea what the weekend is going to look like yet. We’ll be in touch, k? Maybe I can just bring you Goya then?!

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