Happy Tuesday!

Today was a good day. 🙂

Breakfast was fine.


2 fried eggs and 2 pieces of Dave’s. One with Goat Brie and one with Black Raspberry preserves.


I sandwiched them! The boy was jealous.

Lunch was a bowl of chili and I scarfed it down while working so it went unpictured!

After work, a group of my buddies took me out to Happy Hour at Las Margaritas! There were 9 of us all together but I only got Ashley & Christina (cousins!) to pose!


Aren’t they adorbs? Gonna miss them!

I had 2 sangrias.


There were nachos, taquitos, and chili poppers!

016  018 017

I had a little bit of each.

I had a great time catching up and saying good-bye to everyone! It isn’t good-bye for most of them just yet – they have to deal with me for the rest of the week. Muahahahahaaa!

And when I got home to my man, I had my real dinner.


Haha, yes. I ate a corn on the cob. And that’s it. He grilled me a burger but I didn’t need it after all the cheese greasy fried mess of Mexican I had with sangrias!

We got a little bit of an update on the moving front and it looks like we’ll be able to move in on Saturday instead of waiting until Sunday. That’s good news. But it’s going to mean a really long day! I’m ready for it though!


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