The Color Purple

So going into the week of the move, meals are getting a tiny bit more random but I’m okay with that… for now!

The boy went to go start us on some breakfast burritos this morning and found moldy tortillas so he switched it to breakfast sammies.


2 fried eggs, 2 soysages, rice cheese, mayo, chalula on Dave’s.


I was surprised that this bad boy held me over until well after 1:30 to a little going away lunch on my boss!

We went to Purple Cafe. It was my first time and I immediately fell in love with the decor!

018 019

I wish I would have taken more pictures but I was being a tad camera shy around my bosses!

The menu was amazing as well – I elected for a vegetarian sandwich (eggplant, zucchini, tomato) with a side salad.

020 021

It was really tasty!


And the table (of 4) split a bottle of vino!


I had a glass (and a half)! YAY for lunches! I would totally go back here! It’s a chain so it is going to be relatively easy to get to the Seattle location via ferry. I see a date night in our future!

Dinner was a little randomish. I sautéed up a couple of chicken breasts in last week’s leftover buffalo sauce. I think it was better today!


Along with some sweet potato fries and frozen peas. Eating down the freezer!


We packed up a few boxes after dinner and are taking it easy tonight! This week is going to be pretty mellow since we got such an early start and have been picking at the process here and there!


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  1. sandwich looks delish! what a fun place!

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