Lost And Not Found

I have major sads today. This afternoon, somewhere between work and home, I lost one of my diamond studs that the Huz got me last year for my birthday (2 days early cuz he loves me!). 😦 I’m not giving up on finding them yet. I searched all over already and had one of the ladies looking at work. But I’m sad. I love those earrings.

Anyway, on to the rest of the day.

Oatmeal was in the cards for breakfast due to a very ripe banana.


Topped with Craisens, brown sugar, and chopped walnuts.


I really wish I had more of a variety of nuts on hand but we get them from Costco to save money and they are huge bags to get through.


And iced coffee!


Lunch was leftovers for last night!


I might have liked it better today when it was really all mushed in with the noodles. I’m still thinking a larger, shallower dish with less layers and more topping would have been better. I’m not giving up hope on this recipe yet!

For an afternoon snack, I had half of a too-mushy banana and tossed the rest. Blech.

Dinner was done on the grill. It was a beautiful afternoon here!

I fired up some venison hot beer links and asparagus and reheated a little cous cous + peas + kidney beans.

019 017

I had a little extra cous cous. My appetite is insatiable today. Other unpictured goodies: Lindor Truffles, Silk Chocolate Soymilk, Endangered Species 88% Dark Chocolate… seeing a trend? Yep. Me too!

A week & a half until moving! Wheeee!


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