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    Hi! My name is Leah and I like food! Welcome to my blog about mostly healthy eats! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at leftoversforlunchATgmailDOTcom.

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Spicing Up Life

Today was a hot HOT day in my food world!

I started the morning off with a bowl of spicy oats!


Oatmeal cooked in water + Cholula topped with 2 medium organic local fried eggs with Adobo Goya seasoning.


It’s funny how appetites are. Yesterday, I was gnawing my arm off at 10 am. Today, I didn’t get an inkling of hunger until nearly 1! Lunch was the same as yesterday – veggie curry with brown rice.


I didn’t touch the veggies and hummus I packed. Maybe tomorrow.

Dinner was Tina inspired!


I made my own buffalo sauce – Cholula, agave, cayenne, butter, garlic powder, and Worcestershire sauce. I’m not giving the ratios because it isn’t perfect yet; but it wasn’t too shabby for my first attempt!

I cut up some chicken and sautéed it then simmered it in the sauce a bit.


I put my chicken on a bed of spinach with some grape tomatoes and mushroom slices.


I don’t like bleu cheese and didn’t have ranch so I dug into my pantry for some seasoning packet to mix with TJ’s Greek yogurt.

 004 005 017 020 014

It was delicious! I wish there were leftover chicken pieces! But there is leftover sauce! Muahahahaaaaa!

After dinner, we attempted to go to the Edmonds Art Walk but weren’t in the right mind set so we went grocery shopping instead. I did a pretty extravagant meal plan for this next week! I figure it’ll be the last time I’m really cooking for a couple of weeks with the move and all. I think we spent $50 just on produce today? Makes me proud! I also had a major splurge for some wild Alaskan Halibut! Some people splurge on nut butters… I splurge on protein and produce. Priorities, people!


3 Responses

  1. Hey Leah! I’ve looked in like a bazillion (okay, 4) grocery stores and can’t find the Goya seasoning you use. Help, please?

    • Send me your addie and I’ll send it your way! It’s usually in the spice or Mexican section. Maybe it is just a local thing though? I thought the commissary sold it… But I dont mind sending it! xoxo

  2. Seriously?! That’s so cool of you! I’ve checked the spice and Mexican sections and cannot friggin find it! Addie on the way, muchos gracias!

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