Quick, Cheap, and Easy

Just got back from a long walk on the water with the Huz! It felt so good to be out in the sunshine, walking around! I’ve been super slacking on the exercise department (hopefully, with the help of my fav blogger, that will change after the move). We walked for nearly an hour at a decent pace but I think the benefit is mostly mental. We had good conversation and hashed out a lot of details. Moving is stressful, I tell ya!

In addition to slacking on exercise, my eats have also been in a disarray. I haven’t meal planned in I don’t know how long and grocery trips have been generally frantic.

This morning, as I peered in the fridge, I knew I had to do something about the huge bag of spinach that is on the verge of turning.

Enter: Green Monster


Soymilk, spinach, a banana, and strawberries


I’ve decided that the simpler the GM, the better!

For a little extra sustenance, I had a slice of toast and 2 medium fried eggs (that were ridiculously expensive but they are local and organic and I heart eggs).


Hunger was knocking on my door a little earlier than usual. Nothing holds me over like oatmeal. I warded it off until a decent hour with some tea but was still digging into my lunch by 11:30.


Leftover veggie curry with a little brown rice.

My afternoon snack was mushrooms and grape tomatoes with Sabra hummus.


(The hiding banana went untouched.)

Dinner was a little on the scant side due to the lack of fresh veggies in the house.

I cooked 2-fer pork chops seasoned with Jamaican Jerk.


I am not a huge fan of pork chops but these suckers were a good deal.

To go with my quick meal, I made cous cous mixed with half a can of kidney beans and some frozen peas.


And some much needed salt. It turned out all right.

016 011

I’m actually pretty satisfied with this meal. And it was quick, easy, and cheap (just how my dad likes  his women! haha) so it’s a winner in my book. But I plan on doing a menu and proper grocery list for next week.

A super happy congrats are in order for Hallie! She got engaged last night! W00t! Mitch is a smart man!


3 Responses

  1. Aww, thanks!! I think your meals look pretty good to me and very healthy. My meals over the last day and a half…white flour and wine. That.s about it.

  2. Whaaaa? Hallie got engaged!? Going over there right now!! No wait, I’m here first to tell you that I got your e-mail and am waiting till I have two ticks to respond to it. I’m excited to help you out in your new exercise adventure!!

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