Scenic Washington

Thursday after work, I hopped on the ferry over to Kingston to meet up with the boy and tackle some house hunting.

(Need a geography lesson?)

Leaving Edmonds…

018 005 010

It was a pristine day out – one of the ten that we get all year here. I took advantage of it by snapping a ton of photos and playing with settings on my camera.

023029 046

And arriving at Kingston…


Much more woodsy and less commercial!

I met the boy at the ferry terminal then we headed up to my dad’s to crash for the night. We stopped for beer and chicken on the way and grilled for dinner.

Wanna guess which belongs to who?


The IPA is an easy one – the huz.

056 061

I like my light brews.


And dad’s drink of choice is generally Negra Modelo.


Dinner was great, as most grilled dinners are!


We had corn on the cob, grilled zucchini, chicken marinated in Havana Lime & Garlic, and Dad got adventurous and grilled fava beans which *ahem* didn’t turn out so yummy. And I threw together some roasted potatoes.

After dinner, the boy and I headed up to Fort Worden to tromp around the bunkers. He had never been to the upper bunkers so we made our way that way.

(Remember we got some of our engagement pictures done at Fort Worden?!)

069 072074 077 078 079 081

Yes, I wear ghetto fabulous sunglasses.

I also wear flip-flops while walking in the wilderness.



090 091

I obviously tried to get a little artsy fartsy with some of my picture skillz. I ❤ my new camera!

093 104 168 170 105 109 112

We have no regard for silly signs.

114 116 118  123 127 137 143

We ran into a furry friend.


I had to twist the boy’s arm to take the camera for the trip back to the car.

172 183185 189 206

We had a grand time if I do say so myself! After an hour and then some of walking around we headed down to North Beach for the sunset.

219211 217  220 224

Queue the “aws” and romanticism of sitting on the beach with my new husband watching the sunset on a gorgeous July day! (hehe)

Friday, we both took the day off to do house (rental) hunting.

Before we headed out, we chowed on toast and eggs.


In the car somewhere late morning, we had our packed sandwiches (turkey on spelt) and a banana.


For a late lunch, we went to Jodus’ favorite restaurant/brew pub on this side of the water – Silver City.

We were desperate for a beer after hours of house hunting. I think at this point we had seen 6-8 houses and driven around a lot and called on a few places. It was exhausting for some reason. We had a clear fore-runner in our head and filled out the application while scarfing down food and beer.

I went with the hefe and the chimichurri salad.

113 110

Jodus had Whoop Pass IPA and a BBQ Pork sandwich with fries.


We saw a couple more places, dropped off our application after a stop by the bank, and headed back to my dad’s. We were rolling into town after 7:30 so we opted for Thai take-out for dinner.


There was brown rice, wide egg noodles with tofu and veggies, spicy eggplant and veggies, and sautéed chicken and spinach with a peanut sauce.

Um, and another beer… or three.


Don’t judge.

All in all, it was a successful day house hunting. We have a front runner and a back-up and either would work but they are vastly different for each other.

House 1 – older, bigger, great neighborhood, large yard, allows small dogs, washer/dryer hook-ups, 2 car garage

House 2 – newerish, very modern and nice on the inside but lacking curb appeal, smaller but not too small, tight neighborhood, smaller yard, allows any dog, has washer/dryer, 1 car garage

Both are the same in rent, both have dishwashers and they are in the same general location.

We debated a lot over the past day about our options and ended up submitting an application for #1 and if for some reason it doesn’t work out, we can submit an application for #2. The main negative to #2 in the master bedroom and the closet/dresser situation. It isn’t a deal breaker by any means, we would just have to do some serious organizing! The main negative to #1 is that only small dogs are allowed. We would like a more medium size dog so we’ll see what we can pull off.

This morning, we left my dad’s and headed home but not before stopping by the Port Townsend Farmer’s Market!

243 244 245 246 247  249 250253 256 268 270

We got breakfast there.

259 260 251 252

We got the Big Bob Sandwish – egg, pesto, tomato, salmon, greens.

265 267


And I’m a sucker for high schoolers raising money for trips to Japan.


Jodus and I split a brownie and a cookie that the students baked.

We also stopped by the Edmonds Farmer’s Market once we got off the ferry and bought berries and local eggs.


I sure am gonna miss this town!

On that note, I need to go research Farmer’s Markets in our new town!

3 weeks until Moving Day! (July 31st)


5 Responses

  1. Gorgeous photos! Good luck with the house stuff.

  2. love the pics leah!!! that sammy looks so yummy – good luck with the house hunting – SO excited for you guys!!

  3. Why couldn’t Washington be that nice when I was there? I love your photos, you have such a great eye1

  4. Great photos! Are you thinking of moving over there? I was in Poulsbo this weekend. It’s so scenic and peaceful on the Peninsula!

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