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What Came First, The Chicken or The Blog?

Today was the first really truly summer day we’ve had here in Washington.


There was not a cloud in the sky. We broke the 80* barrier on the thermometer. Naturally, we fired up the grill.


No trip to visit family would be complete without coming home with some venison! This is a German bratwurst that had a nice bite to it. I also picked up some new mustard when I grabbed buns (TWHS?) on the way home from work.


This mustard is born and bred in our neighbor to the south.


We also hit up Oregon for the brew of the evening (for the boy).


This wasn’t bad! Not too hoppy like his IPA. I had a couple good swigs of this.


Beer goes good with brats.


To go with our wieners, I made some kale chips sprinkled with nooch.


I over stuffed the pan and didn’t cook quite long enough so they weren’t cooked enough but still chewy yum

And some cheetahs on the side.


This was a perfect summer dinner, eaten on the deck!


Oh happy day!

So random question of the day to fellow bloggers…

What comes first, the blog or the pictures or the meal or what?

I find that some days, I see the post before taking my pictures and make the pictures fit my post. Other days, I take the pictures and write my post around the pictures. Every blue moon, I find myself digging for some material that’ll fit with a post I want to write but that, like I said, is rare.

So how do you do it, typically?

2 Responses

  1. Good looking eats!!

    I do both. Sometimes I take pictures and save them for later. Other times I already know what I’m going to write so I take pictures purposely.

  2. I usually go by pictures. I always try to take as many random pictures throughout the day as possible, throw the ones I like into a post, and try to build something resembling a narrative around it.

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