GUEST POST: Jodus’ Trip To San Diego, CA

Well, hello there. It’s been awhile since my last guest post. Leah thought it would be a good idea for me to share my recent trip to San Diego with you. So here it is…

I stayed on-base at the Naval Mine & Anti-Submarine Warfare Command Complex which is located in Point Loma about 5 minutes away from the San Diego airport.

096031 030

My luxury accommodations at the Navy Gateway Inn.

001 002



I was there for a two week intermediate Government contracting course. It was a bunch of fun, let me tell you. I even had the pleasure of doing a research paper and giving a presentation. Oh joy!

When I wasn’t in class, I pretty much just laid low and went sight seeing. I did manage to motivate myself to go on a couple of long runs.

Run #1:


I probably shouldn’t have ran 5 miles. I haven’t really been running since my half marathon last November (I took a few months off after that…..don’t hate). In hindsight, I should’ve ran about 20-30 minutes at an easy pace. And do that over a few days to warm up to a longer run. But sure enough, the 5 mile jaunt resulted in a pretty nasty blister. Oops.

Two days later, the blister was made worse by…

Run #2:


I decided to take MY camera with me this time.

(BTW, I haven’t enjoyed the use of my camera for quite sometime because Leah “borrowed” it to use on the daily for her blog. Thanks to my new mother-in-law, Leah has her own camera now….a much better one.)

Anyways, I ran southward along the waterfront towards downtown San Diego. It was a really nice day out.

038 041042 044 056069 075  090081 093 097

Yeah, 7 miles made the blister quite a bit worse. Oh well.

I also managed to visit Pacific Beach and Mission Beach a couple of times during my trip.

103 104

Watching people fall was the best part…

109  112 113


Here’s a bit of the beach…

114 117 123125 134156 166 201

I ended up walking around that day for over two hours. Just taking pictures like a dorky tourist. The weather wasn’t that great. In fact, for most of the trip it was overcast and kinda chilly. The locals call it “June Gloom”. But at least it wasn’t raining…like it’s been doing a lot of in Seattle.

I also did the dorky, picture taking, walkabout in Old Town…

172 175 176 183 187 192 193 200

All in all, it was a decent trip. I sure am glad to be back home though. The timing of my recent classes has been terrible. I was in San Diego for a week in May, back home for a week, went to Las Vegas and got hitched, back home for four days, went to Puerto Vallarta for our honeymoon, and was back home for about a week before heading out for this two week trip to San Diego. It’s been fun, but I’m tired of being a road warrior.

So, that’s my trip in a nutshell. I hope you enjoyed seeing it. Sorry for the mass quantities of photos. I’m not used to having a camera all to myself. Haha. Maybe next time I’ll take pictures of my food. 🙂

What’s your travel schedule been like the past couple of months? Do you have any fun trips coming up?


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  1. Great Job Jodus! Maybe one day you’ll get a great camera too…..

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