Wrapping Up and Starting New

I’m sure that by this point you guys are just about done with hearing and seeing all of our wedding crap! I promise, you’ll only have to see a few more posts!

Right now, I’m working on gathering up “The Best Of…” pictures that will be compiled into our wedding album that the photographer is making for us. If you are insanely bored and have nothing better to do than to rummage through someone else’s pictures, please feel free to indicate to me which ones you love, hate, or are indifferent to!

For quick and easy access to the pictures, I’ve created a Wedding Page with all posts related to the wedding. And as I said before, expect just a couple more to come. (My aunt took a bunch of our stuff home in her van for us so we wouldn’t have to bring it on the plane and we are picking it up this weekend so I’m hoping we will unearth some goods!)

Also, today just so happens to be our 1-month anniversary! It’s been a blissful month (*sarcasm*) including a wonderful honeymoon, a terrible stomach bug, a week of semi-normalness, and then two weeks of flying solo (is it Friday yet?).

I don’t expect next month to be too terribly much better but we shall survive, I think. 😉

Leah Jodus-115

I love you, Husband!

(You will find plastic bags under the kitchen sink if you are so inclined to vomit.)


3 Responses

  1. You are such a cute wife. I love you, sweetie! I can’t wait to be home!!

    Happy one-month anniversary!

  2. Love the picture above, yall are a cute couple. I love your dress too.

  3. Impossible to choose when you both are so perfect. Love you both. See you soon.

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