A Geography Lesson

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last while. And my story requires a little geography lesson as I’m fully aware that most of my reader base may not be familiar with the Greater Seattle Area.

Geography Lesson

You can click to enlarge if you really need a good look.

So, I’ve carefully noted all of the important stuff.

You can see where we live, up north.

You can see where I work, on the “Eastside”. I have to drive north, then south around Lake Washington and fight the dreaded I-405 down to work. It’s ~25 miles one way, takes me anywhere from 40-100 minutes, depending on the weather.


AND you can see where the boy works, west, on the Olympic Peninsula. So we have a conundrum with commuting in the Seattle area, being that pretty much everything is surrounded by a body of water. The boy has to take the iconic Washington State ferry every day. I’ve drawn that route, boat and all, for you as well. His commute racks up to nearly 3 hours a day total.

Basically, both of our commutes suck.

We’ve been talking for ages, really, ever since he got the job, what to do about the whole situation.

Now, after 14 months, we have a solution.

After a lot of back and forth and pulling some serious strings (with the help of my supervisor), I am managing to “transfer” to the Silverdale office! (On the map, you will find it just below “Boy’s Work”!) Details are still being worked out but it basically is looking like it is a done deal.

SO. We are MOVING. And I have technically a new JOB. And we have to be out by July 31st. And we need to find a place to live. And pack. And move.

In addition, I have been highly involved at my current job with the interview process to find my replacement. I’ve probably spoke on the phone with 30 applicants? I think we have interviewed 7 already and have a few more lined up this week. So basically, things are insane at work.

And things are insane at home. Well, not really. But with Jodus being gone, it means a lot of phone calls, a lot of hashing out what-ifs, conversations with our landlord, spending hours on craigslist and property management sites. This past weekend, I was at my dad’s (also on the peninsula) and he went with me to drive around the area and look at places. We are thinking we are going to rent a house. A pet-friendly house. (WOOF!)

I am so so so very excited to really be opening a new chapter of our lives. Our married life. Our quality of life is going to be so much better. I am so excited to have a house. A dog. A couple more hours to my day. A slower work pace. A better kitchen perhaps?

So that’s where I’m at! Where are you?!



12 Responses

  1. Congrats! That sounds fabulous. Our quality of life improved drastically last year when we went from a small apartment to a house. (Still a rental, but a million times nicer.) Best part was getting a dog!

    I’m marathon training, losing toenails, and enjoying being a newlywed and done with wedding planning! Yay!

  2. Yeah, it’ll be so good for both of you!

  3. OMG. No more commuting? A DOG?? I am grinning ear to ear for you Leah!!! This is amazing! (just keep that in mind anyways as you go through the madness that is moving and changing jobs 🙂 )

    Right now I’m getting ready to move from my small rural province to the largest city in Canada. I’m showing up to my new apartment on Thursday with three suitcases to my name and a stack of resumes to hand out. It’s gonna be a doozy! 😛

  4. I am REALLY excited for this new chapter of our lives…….our MARRIED lives. It will definitely be a crazy month, but will be soooooooo worth it once the dust settles.

    I can’t wait for Friday to arrive. I’m more than ready to be home (and to help you with our quickly growing to-do list).

    Lots of love!!!!

  5. HORAY!!! OMG I am so excited for both of you! AND A DOG!? Ahhhhh! I can’t wait to see pictures 🙂 ❤

    James and I are packing for our Florida trip tomorrow and hitting up Disneyworld 🙂 AND when we get back, we're also going to be looking at a new place! Orange County sucks, so we'll probably just be getting a bigger apartment.

  6. yeaaa Leah – congrats to you!!!!!!

  7. Oh how exciting! I love changes! Best of luck with everything and happy to hear your commutes will be much better! Good luck on everything 🙂

  8. You live in Edmonds! Too funny, I grew up in Lake Forest Park. I always loved Edmonds. Congrats on the move. Seattle commuting SUCKED.

  9. Whoa! I wasn’t aware of the serious commutes you people were making. Good luck with the move, think all that time you spent stuck in a car or on a ferry boat you can now spend together.

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