The People

All photos are courtesy of Andrea Tunbridge Photography.


I love seeing everyone at our reception and I’m so gratefully for the pictures we did get though I know we did miss some people. I can’t imagine if it had been any larger!

Claudia, me, Antonia

Leah Jodus-517

Jodus and his fraternity brothers

Leah Jodus-525

Me with Jodus’ fraternity brothers

Leah Jodus-527

Me and my sister

Leah Jodus-535 Leah Jodus-609

Me and dad

Leah Jodus-553

Jodus and his sister

Leah Jodus-561 

Jodus and his brother

Leah Jodus-559

Jodus and his dad                               Jodus’ siblings

Leah Jodus-615Leah Jodus-565

Jodus and his mom

Leah Jodus-567

Dylan, Jodus, Trish, Kelly, Me

Leah Jodus-571 

Kelly, Dave, Jodus, Dylan

Leah Jodus-613

Dave, Me, Jodus, Dylan

Leah Jodus-617

Kelly, Dave, Me, Jodus, Dylan

Leah Jodus-619 

I’m a little bummed with the lack of a family shot for my side and I don’t see a single picture of my two step brothers but oh well. Can’t win them all. I’m hoping that more photos will trickle in from guests that captured things Andrea missed. She is, after all, only one person. 😉


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