The Food

All photos are courtesy of Andrea Tunbridge Photography.


Being that I am a food blogger, I asked Andrea to make sure she took a lot of pictures of the food. Apparently it was all delicious but I had zero appetite. But I do get hungry looking at it!

 Leah Jodus-365 Leah Jodus-367Leah Jodus-369 Leah Jodus-371Leah Jodus-375 Leah Jodus-377Leah Jodus-389Leah Jodus-379Leah Jodus-387 Leah Jodus-437Leah Jodus-439 Leah Jodus-441Leah Jodus-443 Leah Jodus-445Leah Jodus-447 Leah Jodus-449Leah Jodus-451 Leah Jodus-453Leah Jodus-455Leah Jodus-469

My plate:

Leah Jodus-459

It barely got touched.


One Response

  1. WOW…she made all that food look absolutely beautiful. It was really good too!

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