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The Reception

All photos are courtesy of Andrea Tunbridge Photography.


After the we tied up loose ends with our wedding coordinator, we headed up to the reception site. A dozen of Jodus’ friends were right at the elevator when we got off… there goes our big entrance! We shoed them back in so we could do our grand entrance to “Beautiful Day” – U2.

Leah Jodus-349 Leah Jodus-353

Jodi, our DJ, introduced us and we headed straight for the bar!

After some cocktails and mingling, dinner was about to be served, buffet style, so we started some toasts.

My dad kicked it off.

Leah Jodus-397 

He said he had this big thing prepared but couldn’t get through it or forgot it or something. Poor guy!

Leah Jodus-401

Then Jodus’ sister said a few kind words.

Leah Jodus-403Leah Jodus-405

My kid sister brother was next, Ryan, and introduced himself as my sister which got a bunch of laughs and he got made fun of for the rest of the evening. But I love that he got up there! He’s turning 16 next month!

Leah Jodus-409Leah Jodus-411 Leah Jodus-407

Jodus’ dad:

Leah Jodus-413

Eric, Jodus’ friend from college. I think his toast was my favorite.

Leah Jodus-419Leah Jodus-421 Leah Jodus-423

My girlfriend, Claudia – she was married in Vegas last year! She’s near and dear to my heart.

Leah Jodus-425

My not-dad, Lonnie:

Leah Jodus-427Leah Jodus-429

(My mom said she wanted to make a toast but was far too choked up to do so.)

And Jodus’ mom, Trish. Love her!

Leah Jodus-433


Leah Jodus-435

Then we started off the buffet line.

Leah Jodus-457

I hardly touched my plate but everyone said it was good! I just didn’t have an appetite!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my nephew:

Leah Jodus-471

After dinner, Jodus and I had our first dance – The Fray – Look After You.

Leah Jodus-489Leah Jodus-493

Then we did Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance at the same time to Nickleback – Never Gonna Be Alone.

Leah Jodus-511Leah Jodus-497

Then the dance floor opened up and us girls pretty much dominated it for the rest of the evening!

Leah Jodus-515 Leah Jodus-521Leah Jodus-537 Leah Jodus-523 Leah Jodus-529 Leah Jodus-539 Leah Jodus-551 Leah Jodus-543

After some dancing, we took a break to do the cake.

Leah Jodus-359Leah Jodus-467 Leah Jodus-581Leah Jodus-583 

While we were standing up there, I was saying, “No smooshing. Be nice.”

Leah Jodus-587Leah Jodus-589 

I’m going to preface this by saying: “HE STARTED IT!”

Leah Jodus-591

He thought it would be cute to do a little smear on my cheek.

Oh hell no.

Leah Jodus-593

Payback’s a bitch.

Leah Jodus-597 Leah Jodus-601 Leah Jodus-603

But at least he had a cute wife to help him clean up!

Leah Jodus-607

The cake itself was super sweet and I actually didn’t care for it. Oh well.

Leah Jodus-605Leah Jodus-621 Leah Jodus-623 

More dancing ensued!

Leah Jodus-625 Leah Jodus-627Leah Jodus-633 Leah Jodus-643Leah Jodus-639 Leah Jodus-653

And Jodus and his fraternity brothers all decided to take shots apparently!

Leah Jodus-629

We kept our bartender very busy!

And then it was over.

2 Responses

  1. Hahaha, I had no doubt there’d be some cake smooshing at your wedding 😉 The last pic is my favourite, although, you look SO happy in all the photos!!!

  2. I get a bit sad when there is no cake smooshing at a reception. 🙂 Great pictures!

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