My latest addiction – The L Word.


I think maybe my mom recommended it to me? It’s been in my Netflix queue forever. We kicked it up to the top since Jodus was going to be gone. I’m going to make him start watching it. Season 2-4 is on Instant – score!

Anyway, I’m watching it now and it is the perfect way to unwind from an emotionally charged day at the office. Brownies helped too.

The day started with a boring breakfast – an apple with honey almond butter and two fried eggs.


Lunch was out with the ladies at work at PF Changs and somehow, I managed to score all the leftovers so that’s what I had for dinner tonight!

Mongolian Beef, Ginger Vegetables and Chang’s Chicken over brown rice.


I’m leaving tomorrow directly after work to go to my dad’s for the weekend so no sense in cooking, right? Big plans this weekend. A Harley ride, house hunting (rental) over on the peninsula (maybe), who knows what else.

Sorry I don’t have much else tonight. I’m drained.

Tell me something that’ll make me smile. Please.


4 Responses

  1. What about how much fun you have watching me try to eat a spinach salad. I always struggle with the spinach leaves and get so frustrated. All you do is laugh at me.

    Remember that time I stuffed a bunch of Swedish meatballs in my mouth?

    What about that look I get when I’m REALLY concentrating?

    Remember how happy we were to see a paved road after we got lost in that hellish back-woods Montana mountain road?

    If you’re still not smiling……just think about the fact that we just got married and get to enjoy the rest of our lives together.

    I love you, wifey. A ton!


  2. LOVE LOVE the “L Word.” Such a trashy show, but it’s addicting! I wish it hadn’t ended.:(

  3. I LOVE the L Word. I would definitely date Shane, cause even as a girl, she’s stunning. I just finished season 5 and they only have season 6 on DVD. Boo.

  4. Yes, your mother did recommend it. What a great show, course none of my “L” friends look like anyone on “L Word”……

    I’ll be seeing you in a week, hope that makes you smile.

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