First Look

All photos are courtesy of Andrea Tunbridge Photography.


After seeing Brie’s first look photos from her wedding, I knew I wanted us to do that! Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with ours but I think I was just spoiled with Brie’s. And our location was a bit tricky and very high traffic but it worked I guess.

Leah Jodus-101Leah Jodus-103Leah Jodus-107Leah Jodus-105Leah Jodus-109Leah Jodus-111

After the first look, we wandered around the hotel taking pictures for an hour before the ceremony. This was one of my favorite things of the day! Just me and him and being happy and in lurve!

Leah Jodus-113Leah Jodus-115Leah Jodus-117Leah Jodus-119Leah Jodus-127Leah Jodus-129Leah Jodus-137 Leah Jodus-139Leah Jodus-153Leah Jodus-149Leah Jodus-159Leah Jodus-165 Leah Jodus-173Leah Jodus-169Leah Jodus-181Leah Jodus-187 Leah Jodus-191Leah Jodus-193Leah Jodus-199Leah Jodus-205Leah Jodus-211Leah Jodus-221 Leah Jodus-223Leah Jodus-227Leah Jodus-233


9 Responses

  1. I am trying to pick out my favourite photos – but I seriously love them all!! You had an amazing photographer! And dress. Okay, and I love the piano shot and the one with your shoes in the foreground. Y’all are too damn cute 😉

  2. I Love the one of you & jodus on the bench. Supa cute!

  3. I think you should be very happy with these pictures. How beautiful!

  4. You guys are too cute!

  5. Nice pics Leah. You guys look great.

  6. I love the one where you both have your heads turned, looking at each other. You can see just how much you love each other. Congrats, honey. I’m wishing you a happy lifetime together!

  7. beautiful pics!

  8. I could just cry, they look wonderful sweetie!

  9. 😀

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