A Brownie A Day

My breakfast was to die for.


As I was eating it, I was thinking, “Boy, Jodus is sure gonna be jealous when he sees this one!”


I used my new egg cooker to poach 2 eggs and laid them atop of leftover Easter ham (frozen), some spinach, and a whole wheat English muffin.


Mmmm, yolk! This held me over really nicely! Comparable to oatmeal even!

Lunch was leftover chicken noodle soup with a hunk of bread.

002 003

I had a HB egg around 11:30 again then had my soup around 12:30.

(There might have also been a mid-afternoon Starbucks run to try the new soy frap. Just sayin’.)

Banana was eaten in the car at 4pm on the way to a hair appointment.


My apple went untouched, again!


My hair appointment went really long. Like 3 hours long. Plus commuting. I didn’t get home until 8pm and I was ready to gnaw my own arm off.

I immediately dove, yes, dove, into the fridge and grabbed the first thing I saw: leftover pesto pea pasta.


I wolfed that down while contemplating my dinner.

Then I grabbed the last of the Confetti couscous and wolfed that down too.


At least at this point I had put a sweet potato in the microwave. Didn’t know what I was going to do with it but I need something nutritious.

Looking in the fridge again, hm. Well, that’ll work I guess.


I threw the last of the mexi-corn and a little rice and black beans on top and it was pretty good!


I’d eat it again.

Around 9, I treated myself to a brownie!


I think if I can stick to 1 a day, I’ll be proud of myself!


2 Responses

  1. Hi Leah — Started reading your blog ever since the post on the invites — you definitely inspire me to eat better and give great ideas! Plus, you are very funny and it is always enjoyable reading your blog. Had to comment today because I saw the Cutco knives on the counter with the banana — they are the best knives ever!

  2. I am incredibly jealous of your breakfast…..AND your brownies. The “continental breakfast” that I’ve been limited too while on this trip has been quite disappointing to say the least.

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