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Lucky In Love

Today was a sad day. It was a Monday. And the boy left for 2 weeks. Again.

But not before making me breakfast!


Oatmeal with banana, walnuts, and craisens.


It was fantastic. Any food made by your adorable husband is fantastic.

Lunch was thrown together in a hurry, much as most of mine are.


I had the hard boiled egg at 11am.


And I managed to shove the Confetti Couscous salad leftover from Saturday night down my throat around 2.


Work was crazy and I was on the phone nonstop. Needless to say, the yogurt, banana, and apple went untouched.

After work, I ran by the Social Security office and ordered a new SS card. DMV was closed today so I couldn’t take care of that.

When I got home, exhausted and hungry.

But I was greeted by cuteness!

015 024

Apparently the boy ran to the store this morning after I went to work and before he left for the airport!

How cute is he?

023 026 027 028 029

He knows me very well.

016 018 019 020 021 022

Seriously. Best guy ever.

(He also bought me champagne, bread, and eggs. L-O-V-E!)

(Oh, and (no, I’m not done bragging about my excellent husband) he also took out the trash and recycling and did all the dishes and laundry before he left. Jealous? You should be. I’m one lucky girl!)

Hmm… why might I need packing tape?


I managed to get through dinner before making the batch of brownies.

I made little wraps with the last 3 tortillas we had, some mexi-corn, and black beans with rice topped with salsa.


I added some spinach for some green!


Sour cream would have been really good but alas, we were all out. (I’ve been trying to reduce my dairy intake!)


[Insert deep-cleaning here.]

My reward:

039 041 042

Warm brownie over ice cream! (Fav dessert EVER btw! Yes, more than tiramisu!)


That was a good way to end my crazy Monday!

2 Responses

  1. That is pretty awesome of the hubs!!!! And those brownies look sooooo yummy!!!!!!

  2. LOVE!!!

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