Heading Home

Last Sunday, we had to say our good-bye’s to Golden Crown Paradise, Puerto Vallarta. Overall, we really enjoyed our honeymoon. There were a few issues (my tummy, lack of wine options, a bit overcast) but we were in good company and it was fantastic to get away and unwind from the craziness that has been our life. And I got some good color!


For our last meal at the resort, I knew I wanted a fruit plate.


I also ordered the same thing I ordered the first morning!


The boy:

067 068

After breakfast, we lounged in the room for a bit before calling the bellboy. We checked out with relative ease, piled into a cab, and headed back to the airport. Puerto Vallarta airport is very small but I liked it. I especially liked it better than the Mazatlan airport.

We ended up saddling up at one of the restaurants and did some reading. I had a fresh juice while we were there, and the boy some coffee.

Eventually, we were there long enough (we got to the airport ridiculously early) to get hungry for lunch before our flight.

I got vegetarian quesadillas.


The boy got a burger and Pacifico.

070 072

We had a layover in Phoenix. Had no trouble with customs! We decided to eat, again, while we were there since we were getting in after dinner time to Seattle.

I got 1/2 salad, 1/2 sandwich – Caesar for the salad, and a tomato basil sandwich. Unfortunately, neither were particularly filling.


The boy got (another) burger and I stole some waffle fries.


(Have I mentioned that we seriously stretched out our stomachs on this vaca?!)

Yep, we ate again. At SeaTac, at 8pm, we tracked down some sandwiches that we scarfed down while waiting for luggage.


We made it home and pretty much instantly crashed… after scoping out the sneak peek pictures our photographer posted!

Leah_Jodus-8 Leah_Jodus-11 Leah_Jodus-12 Leah_Jodus-6

There is more! GO LOOK! I love them! We should be getting the full CD of pictures any day now!

Oh, and we got our marriage docs in the mail yesterday so it is actually official! Let the name changing paperwork begin!


2 Responses

  1. You’ve had some good eatin’! How are you going to adjust back to the real world of normal food? 😉

    Great dress. Beautiful pictures!

  2. love your wedding photos!

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