We tried! I swear!

Ok, last Wednesday, on honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. This is where the days really start to meld together. We only knew what day of the week it was by which pool activity was going on.

Based on the pictures, this was the day we tried to play tennis in the morning. But after an hour and a half (!!) of trying to track down the tennis pro to a) let us play or b) make reservations to play at another time, we gave up and boycotted tennis the rest of the trip. But I do want it noted that we attempted, very much so, to have some sort of physical activity.

My Breakfast:

Toast with strawberry jam


Garden omelet


His breakfast

Breakfast sandwich


Apple bran pancakes


My lunch

Green salad with dijon dressing


Veggie burger

668 669

His lunch

Little fish strip thingies


Mexican pasta


Our dessert: chocolate mousse cake


I think this was a blistering hot day. So we stayed in the shade a bit and played pool. They were missing the yellow stripe ball. So I was always stripes. And I always lost.


Back to the pool!


It’s a hard life, I tell ya!

We eventually got dressed and headed down to the Breeze Bar on the Beach.


I rocked the sushi bar while we waited for our reservation at the sister resort – ironically at Fujiyama – Japanese! I just can’t get enough sushi!


And we drank champagne!


(Obviously the boy was hogging the camera.)

We eventually made our way over to Fujiyama and I was happy to see the little theme everywhere!

715  717  719 720

We started with the sushi/salad bar.


I started with an eggroll.


Then miso soup!


And my main course was Salmon.


And a side of fried rice (I didn’t know the salmon came with rice.).


I finished it all off with some sort of ginger jello mousse thing.

776 769

Ok! Boy’s dinner!

He had salad/sushi bar too but I didn’t get a picture.

His appetizer was chicken satay.


Soup: Dubin Mushi (had mushrooms and stuff)


And he had the pork with ginger sauce and a side of soba noodles.

755 757

Dessert: A fried banana this with ice cream.

777 760

We really had to stretch our stomachs out for this one.

Did I mention the whole time we were drinking mimosas?

802 807

After dinner, we got word that we should definitely try the night club (more of an entertainment club than a dance club) for a show that they were having.

We went.

We drank champagne.

And had tequila shots.

And befriended a few people.

Got drunk.

Passed out.

Good times.


One Response

  1. It will be awhile before I drink that much champagne again. Not the best hangover I’ve had. But it sure was fun going down!

    I’m not usually that big on sushi, but the sushi I had at Fujiyama’s salad/sushi bar was great!

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