Sexy Coffee

aka Mexican Coffee aka Flaming Coffee

[Note: Our poor waiter said that this was probably more photos than he’s ever had taken of him in his life so I apologize in advance if there are too many but I was trying to capture the whole experience for you and didn’t have a camcorder so there.]

So those are sugar-rimmed wine glasses.


With some liquor in the bottom.

597 598

A dash of cinnamon…

599  601 602  604  606 607  609

He’s so serious!

610 611

Watch the steam turn blue with flames!

612 613  615

Liquors in the cups…


… then some coffee.


A squirt of whip cream for good measure!


Cherry topped!

619 620 621

This is the sexy part:


Getting fed the cherry! haha…


The coffee was sooo good! You couldn’t taste the alcohol really (dangerous) and it had this delicious sweet and cinnamony flavor! I wish we had a personal waiter to make us sexy coffee every morning, noon, and night!


5 Responses

  1. I think cinnamon in coffee is a big thing for Mexicans. Growing up, my parents always boiled cinnamon sticks (like tea) and used the water for their instant coffee. I LOVE cinnamon in my coffee, but i go the easy way with powdered cinnamon. Those must be some awesome wine glasses to go through all of that! I want one now.

  2. That’s awesome! I want to try that coffee now! And good for the hubby not being uptight. 😉

  3. Too much work for me to do myself, think I need to go to Mexico and have one, or two, or three made for me, yummy!

  4. That coffee was so darn good!! I wish we had been able to pair it with a better tasting coffee desert. Oh well. The coffee itself was practically it’s own desert.

  5. How does the glass not explode from the flames?? I also like how it’s a guy making the sexy coffees and not some bimbo in a low cut top. Hellya.

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