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Out Of Commission

Thursday morning, we slept in. You know, all that champagne and tequila.

Turns out, the boy was much worse off than I was. I pretty much skipped down to breakfast! But toast was in order immediately.


I started with an energizing fruit plate.


And I had some fancy Mexican egg dish.


It was basically like breakfast nachos!

(btw – have you noticed I have had eggs every. single. day? LOVE!)

The boy couldn’t really stomach anything.

But we somehow managed to polish off a nice little plate of bacon!



Jodus slept all morning out on the chairs by the beach.

He started feeling a bit more chipper around lunch time.


For a snack (since I wasn’t sure what our lunch time table was with the huz being hungover), I had scallop ceviche from the Breeze Bar.


It was really good! Except my tummy started to hurt… uh oh.

This was my lunch. That’s it.

I spent the rest of the afternoon drifting between the bed, curled up in a ball with massive stomach cramps and the toilet.

I was miserable.

I pride myself on having a stomach of steel. I’ve done a lot of traveling and never had serious issues. The occasional upset tummy, yes. But this? Oh lordy, no. Just as Jodus was feeling better, I took a nose dive.

We did manage to go down for dinner.

I ordered a salad.


I think I ate half.

And I ordered chicken with mushroom sauce. I tried to get the blandest thing I could find.


But it was a process. I had to eat slow. And I’d have bursts of pain. Crippling pain.

And I was envious of Jodus’ tacos.


We headed back up to the room for me to moan and groan (and be close to a bathroom) some more.

But apparently Jodus caught the sunset for me while I hid under the covers.

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3 Responses

  1. What a day. I was struggling to recover from one of the worst hangovers I ever remember having……and recovered just in time for your stomach to freak out on you. Sorry you missed the sunset. It was rather nice in person.

  2. I love the honeymoon recap! Every day I read them and they get me even more excited to go on my honeymoon.

  3. Booo… I hate getting stomach issues while traveling. I’m usually pretty good about it too, but every once in a while I get hit by something awful. Hopefully you were better by the next day!

    Oh, and I hear bacon is a natural hangover cure 😉

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