Eats Galore

After two busy, touristy days, we were more than ready for another pool day! We headed down to breakfast at Bellavista, per usual.


I think we were starving because we immediately dove straight into the bread basket! (Maybe nursing a slight hangover??)


It was Tuesday, but I had waffles anyway.


The boy carb loaded with some pancakes.


And I had a Mexican omelet.


The boy got with the program and finally got himself some huevos rancheros!


Then we saddled up at the pool for a day of lounging – but we switched it up and went to the other side! We live on the edge, I know this.

My man is a stud.


Please note how overcast it was. But we still used SPF 50 for the first 5-6 days then switched down to SPF 30 and came home with a decent amount of color!


I think that this day (Tuesday) was the first day Jodus finally cracked into his book.


After a couple few hours of lounging, we did what we do best – eat again! The rest of the vacation is pretty much like this. There were potty breaks. And beer breaks. And some walks on the beach. But mostly lounging and reading. It was pretty spectacular.


Drinks to start – “sangria” for him (*ahem* red wine with fresca) and pineapple juice for me. Straight up. Extra ice.


I tried a salad off of their “All-Natural” menu – it had far too much balsamic for my liking but I ate it anyway.


The boy had a caesar and I stole bites.


We shared (aka I mostly ate and he had a few bites) Acapulco style ceviche and it was delicious.


Again, off the “All-natural” menu, I ordered a mozzarella and roasted veggie sandwich.


I was sad to see it come with fries though. I don’t think I ate them all. But I might have.


The boy had a cheese-laden Monte Cristo with fries. I had a bite. It was too much.


After a little more lounging, we relocated.


Yeah, he’s a big reader! I giggled when I discovered he had fallen asleep with book  in hand. I’m impressed. Usually when that happens to me I drop the book or lose my page! He has mad napping skills.

It was actually a really hard life at the resort. Sleep in, eat nice big, long meals, lounge, eat another nice big, long meal, lounge, eat another nice big long meal, walk on the beach, and bed.

Dinner was at Paradise again. We made earlier reservations – just so the lighting would be better. I shit you not. This is what it is like when you are married to a food blogger or possibly a photographer I imagine.


See?! Lighting is much better. But not so romantic. Oh well.

Anyway, we clean up nice.


I don’t know if I have mentioned this yet or not but at the resort, they had 1 red wine and 1 white wine. That’s it. Zero selection. And the red wasn’t even really any good. This was not a good thing. But dammit, we drank it anyway. Next time, I’m bringing my own wine. Even if it is cheap.


All right, I started with the salad bar again.


Then stuffed calamari with seafood mousse (meh).


Shrimp Soup (meh)


Spanish Palella – absolutely fantastic

590 591

AND Tiramisu (which wasn’t really good – too cake-y, not enough coffee/liquor flavors, sadly).


Ok, the boy’s line-up – I didn’t get a picture of his salad, sadly. I giggle when comparing our salad bar plates.

Chimichanga – very good!

580 582

Tomato Creme Soup


Seafood Lasagna (again, cheese overload!)


And I don’t know what he got for dessert because obviously I was too self-absorbed in my tiramisu to get a picture of his.

We also got Sexy Coffee. (More on that, I promise!)


I was happy to see it was still light out when we left the restaurant. We headed down to the Breeze Bar at the beach for a night cap.


Food baby:


We had a drink at the Breeze and called it quits, I think. I don’t know. I have a picture of me starting to undress in the elevator on the way up because my dress was so tight. So who knows what happened that night!



5 Responses

  1. the food at your resort looks so good! what hotel did you stay at?

  2. When will you learn? Never order Tiramisu when we make it so well! Seems like your best tasting dishes were along the Mexican venue….wonder why?

  3. That’s a superfab pic of you in the hat, LOVE it! I’ve been on a mental vacation via your blog for the last few days….I’ve had a fabulous trip, thanks for taking me along!

  4. LOL. Thanks for calling attention to my “mad napping skills”. It takes years of attempting to read books to get that down just right.

    And, yes. I vaguely remember us both having mass quantities of after-dinner drinks. I couldn’t quite get you back to the room before you decided that you’d had enough with your tight dress…..LOL!

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