Beach Boy

Sunday and Monday were big days for us on the honeymoon. And by big days, I mean that we actually went out and did stuff outside of the resort and weren’t total beach bums.

Mondays adventure was a boat tour thingy that came highly recommended to us by a nice couple from Oklahoma. Shame on us for not doing research first. We were not pleased and would recommend this one to no one.

We weren’t sure as to the food situation for the day so we loaded up with a big breakfast from room service.


I had fried eggs, bacon, and hash browns and half of the French toast, and a fruit plate.

072 073 076

Then we set out on our adventure!

We walked to the marina around 9am, as we were instructed. It was a little confusing but we managed.

089 083 085

And then we waited.

And waited.

There was a cluster of people and employees talking in Spanish or English with very heavy accents and we couldn’t quite hear. But over an hour (!) later, we finally saw a guy with a sign for our boat to follow.


Um, that’s a lot of people to get on this boat.


I think we are a bit spoiled. I had a great boat adventure on my trip to Mazatlan and Jodus had a similar experience in Hawaii and the boats were much smaller with maybe 10-15 people. But 150? Oi.

I will freely admit, at this point in time, we were not in a good frame of mind for getting on a boat with this many people. We were cranky from waiting an hour. We were cranky from being confused and feeling lost. And we were cranky that there were that many people that were on our boat.

But we boarded anyway. We did pay a collective $80 for the damn day. We tried our best to be optimistic. But really, we were just cranky.

The view of Puerto Vallarta was nice.

113 105

We headed south and stopped at some little rock islands and did about 20 minutes of snorkeling. There were so many people in the water in the confined area that there wasn’t a whole lot of sea life willing to come out and play. We did see 3 different varieties of fish though.


After an hour on the boat with very loud speakers and very annoying music playing, we finally scrambled into a little boat with a smaller group of people getting off at a beach to play.


We were relieved to be away from the group.

173 174 176 177 182

Have I mentioned how much I love pelicans?

We relaxed on the quiet beach, shooing away all peddlers.


After a bit of just sitting still, we wandered down the beach to the far end and had ourselves a drink. A fruity foo-foo one, too.

238 255 259 263

It was pretty good.

(PS – Thank you Mom, for the amazing camera! It was well used on this trip! LOVE it! Now… onto researching lenses…)

We moseyed our way back to the boat in slightly better spirits. They had dumped everyone else off further south so it was a nice peaceful ride.

271 280 285

We went back to where the rest of the group was and where lunch was destined to be. It was, by the way, 4pm and we hadn’t eaten since 7:30am. I was hangry.

323 293 294 295

It was a cute little spot. Not much of a beach so I’m glad we hung out at the other one instead.

Lunch finally came and it was a little measly. Especially since we hadn’t eaten in countless hours. Yes, I’m dramatic when I am starving.


As soon as we scarfed down our food, we booked it out of the crowded space to snoop the town and head to the boat.

301302 304306308 313 325

We waited for the boat for a very long time. The tour said that we’d be back around 6… and it was well after 4 and we had an hour and a half boat ride back and dinner reservations at 7. Hmmmm.

334 342

We finally boarded and settled in the front of the boat, in front of the speakers.


And then, when we were almost back, it was all worth it.


That’s a turtle. If you can tell.

But that’s not what made it all worth it. But it’s what got us on the look out.

354 362 366

Dolphins! Dolphins make me happy!


All worth it.

I know it doesn’t sound like it was that bad of a day but we were exhausted and drained. We didn’t get back to the hotel until 8pm! And we had mild headaches from the obnoxious music.

We hurried back to the hotel and explained our situation and they happily allowed us to go to dinner late. “Take your time!” Ahh, those words were heaven to my ears!

We showered and headed to Paradise – the upstairs (aka nicest) restaurant at our resort.

390 392

We were seating right as the sun was going down!


I started with the glorious salad bar! As soon as I saw it, I was in heaven! Greens? Yes, please!


For my appetizer, I had cantaloupe with prosciutto – delicious!


The Huz had salmon carpaccio – very good!


Soup course – Tuscan tomato for me…


… and minestrone for him.


Main course: pesto pasta (I could seriously get used to eating like this!)


And steak for the man.


Dessert: tiramisu, albeit a poor attempt at tiramisu, I appreciated the effort.


And amazing Neapolitan ice cream for the gentleman across from me.


This was the best dining experience we had had thus far. The service was impeccable and the food was fantastic. So much so that we made reservations for the following night as well!

We finished off the night with Mexican Snowballs and an illegal that Jodus picked up in town yesterday – a Cuban.

420 423

Oh yes, I remember now, I think there was also tequila shots involved. We surveyed the wait staff as to the their personal favorites – tonight’s vote was for Cazadores and I have to concur, it was the best we had to date!


One Response

  1. It’s hard to tell from this post just exactly how HORRIBLE it was to spend all day riding de Beach Boy. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Oh well, the dolphins brought a smile to my face too. Plus we got a ton of cool pics.

    Next time we attempt an excursion while on vacation I’ll be doing a lot more research.

    PS – Cazadores tequila is really tasty!!

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