The Statues of the Malecon

While walking the Malecon (boardwalk) of Puerto Vallarta, there were so many gorgeous and interesting statues and art to bring character to the Vallarta waterfront.

748 764 772



790 792

797799 808 809 810 811 813 814 815

827 828



836 837






Any guesses on my favorite?


3 Responses

  1. Great photos! I traveled in the Mexican Riviera as a teen and loved Puerto Vallarta the best. So beautiful.

  2. Was that an octopus sitting on a tongue? Did Jodus take the photo looking up the girls skirt? Shame on him, a married man and all…

    JK, lovely pictures, very interesting.

  3. I know which one’s your favorite but I won’t spoil the surprise. Do you know which one I liked the best?

    (and no, L4LMoM, it’s not the up the skirt girls)

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