The Malecon

For our second morning in Puerto Vallarta, we opted to try out the room service breakfast.


We might have gone a little crazy. This is the downside to being at an all-inclusive. Or the upside?

We set up shop outside on the deck.


Complete with our own music!


PS – bringing our portable iPod speaker was probably the best idea ever – and I attribute it all to my darling husband WHO (btw) also cleaned the entire house before we left so it felt amazing to come home!


I got huevos rancheros and the boy got a Mexican scramble with a side of bacon.


There were also breads and fruit plates.


And some seagull adventures.


But more on that later.

We decided to venture out a bit today.

But only after a beer for the road … at 11am. Don’t judge! We were on vacation!


We walked to the bus stop, taking our sweet time along the way.

686 691688  693699696  695 704 705 697

The bus ride was a bumpy one but we made it to the main boardwalk with no problems!

708 710

Our first stop was a gorgeous church and courtyard at the north end of the Malecon (Boardwalk).

709 711  713 714 715716 717 718 721 723729735736 738 739743 744 746  749 750 751 753 769 773 774777 787 793 805 806 818 821 823 835 842 849853 864878 911892 883 921

For lunch, we went to a tourist spot – Senor Frogs! I went in Mazatlan and knew I wanted to go again!

 833 924925

We had a good time. 🙂 The decor is hilarious and the staff makes it a very fun dining experience!

928 929 930 1017

The boy started with a huge beer.


And I had a margarita on the rocks.

946 947

I ordered guacamole.

953 958

Our waiter pulled me up to make the guacamole like an old Mexican woman!

961 963 968 974 976  981 983 985

Is it bad that I actually prefer my own guacamole? More lime and cilantro please!

For my entree, I ordered fish tacos.


It came with a side of fixings.


The two mystery sauces were spicy!

Jodus ordered a chicken burrito.


Fabulous meal but a little spendy for Mexico…


And then the fun really started! 😉


Yes, raunchy balloon hats.

998 1000

It got a few good laughs.


There was also a rose made from a paper napkin.


I was impressed.


We made our way back to the hotel and pretty much headed straight to the pool after a quick costume change. It was HOT out.

1066 1075

(Animal, Vegetable, Miracle was one of 3 books I managed to plow through this week – and hands down, it was the best! I’m making the boy read it once he’s done with his massive book!)

1103 1131

After a couple hours of lounging, we made our way back to the room to get beautified and headed out to our dinner reservation at a sister resort restaurant – it was French and I don’t remember the name.

I’m going to take moment here to talk about the food at the resort.

There are a few restaurants at our resort, each with a theme, a couple of snack bars and a more casual dining restaurant where the majority of our breakfasts and lunch’s were eaten (Bellavista). Right next door, there is a sister resort (open to families) that has a few more restaurants that we are permitted to eat at twice during our stay, also themed restaurants.

My biggest complaint is that while I appreciate the fine dining experience and variety of the restaurants, I want me some good Mexican food, dammit! I tried to order the Mexican dishes when I saw them available but it was not readily available. In order to get good Mexican, we had to go off the resort… which is fine except we paid for an all-inclusive package and wanted to get our moneys-worth there and not pile on a lot of extra spending.

Ok, I’m done. For now. 😉

Back to dinner!

006 016

For an appetizer, I had a Quiche Lorraine.


It was delicious. I wish I had 8 more of them.

Jodus had the Fromage plate.


For the salad course, I had a spinach salad.


It was really boring and flavorless.

The boy got a Caesar salad.


Interesting presentation. He was thrown by the cucumber. Never had a Caesar with cucumber before, and we don’t like them.

For the soup course, I got a seafood bisque.


It was tasty. I wish I had more of that as well.

Jodus got the French Onion soup.


I had a bite and thought it was great but he said that after you get to the end of it, it was a bit much.

The main course was mahi mahi.


I wasn’t duly impressed.

Jodus ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu.


It was good, but again, we weren’t blown away.

We finished the night off with some Sexy coffee and chocolate bomb and a walk on the beach!

066 068


5 Responses

  1. These recaps are great! Keep ’em coming. I think it’s awesome you have your trip so well documented…you will love that in the years to come. Oh and I love the “unpictured” drinking note on your other post…that is SO going to be me if I blog about my honeymoon. Drinks (and probably sweets) undocumented galore.

  2. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous and you guys look very happy! Congrats on your marriage!

    What kind of camera do you have? I am looking for a new camera and yours looks like it is a great one!

  3. Just like Hallie mentioned above……I am soooooo happy that you brought your new camera with us on this trip and did such a TERRIFIC job documenting everything. I’ll definitely be coming back to these posts everytime I want to remember our honeymoon. Especially when I’m old and senile and need help remembering who you are…..Haha.

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