Exploring the Resort

Funny story – A few days into our vacation, we were chatting with a guy from Missouri at the bar. He made a comment that he couldn’t believe he had taken over 300 pictures already! And only since Friday! HA. I laughed in his face. We also arrived on Friday and the Nikon boasted over 1,000 pictures on its memory card already! Take THAT, Missouri! I think we ended our vacation with well over 3,000 pictures to show for it. There is at least 200 of birds, 300 of palm trees, probably 1,000 of food, and about another 1,000 of us being ridiculously retarded. So you have been warned! (Don’t worry, the novelty wore off by the 5th or 6th day so the pics get significantly lighter from there on out.)


Our first morning in Puerto Vallarta was a lazy exploring one. We wandered around the resort a bit, acquainting ourselves. The pool, early in the morning before people have actually managed to pull themselves out of a self-induced food and alcohol coma, looked glorious.


Just like on the website!


It really is a no-frills sort of resort. Everything was clean and presentable but there weren’t a lot of extras or incredible decor or incredibly good looking cabana boys.

But who are we kidding? We all know I was there just for the food and Vitamin D! (Oh yeah, and for my husband!) 😉

Breakfast was high on the agenda that morning so we saddled up to the only real restaurant at the resort that serves a hot breakfast – Bellavista.


I loved that they automatically threw down a basket of toast with strawberry jam and butter. I indulged. A couple times. And pretty much everyday for the rest of the vacation. A couple times.


We started off with tropical fruit plates: pineapple, papaya, cantaloupe, and watermelon.


For breakfast, I opted for Eggs Poblano.


I love my gooey egg yolk!


Jodus got the actual Eggs Benedict – mine was better, but his came with bacon. 🙂


More wandering of the resort ensued. And a walk down the beach.

116 118 120

Our resort houses these iconic yellow and white striped tents along the beach and poolside.

121 122

Looking south from the resort:


Looking north:

125 126 128 138  144 158160 164 168 198 216 218 223

I totally turned into a crazy bird lady while I was here. There are birds everywhere! I loved watching the pelicans dive for fish. They were my favorite.

183 252

We made some furry friends along the way too.

197 210 

After my poor little feet were burned to death on the rough hot sand, we settled in at the pool with some beer.

169257 238 242

I also tried my hand at some blended drinks.


Sidebar: we drank a lot and most of it is going undocumented.


We had a quick bite from the snack bar – tacos!


I recall loving them. But had them later on during the trip and thinking they were too salty. So I’m not sure.


For our real lunch, we hit Bellavista again.

296 303

We started with ceviche and salsa and chips.

306 312308 

The salsa was amazing.

For my entree, I got a chicken tortilla soup.


The boy ordered a chicken sandwich.


After lunch, we moved over to the beach bar, probably for another drink.

322 339341 334 343

I think we took a cat nap this afternoon. Lounging is hard work.


For dinner, we headed to Salvador – one of the restaurants in the resort.

359 360 364 371 378 365 384 380

But first, a drink at the bar!

386 389 393 395

Ok, back to dinner.

396 398

We got seated next to the window – score!


The place was actually dead so we got amazing service!

Fancy butters for our rolls and bread sticks.

405 406 407

Appetizer: stuffed portabella for me, stuffed tomato for him.

408 410

Soup for him:


Mahi mahi for me:


Tenderloin for him:


Presentation was great, flavor was pretty standard unfortunately.

Creme brulee” for me:


Coffee “parfait” for him:


The couple next to us (the only other patrons in the entire place) ordered Mexican Flaming Coffee – it made us jealous and was quite the show.


We settled for watching the sunset on the beach instead!

432 440 441

A happy couple celebrated with a wedding!


And we had sushi for dessert cuz we are pigs like that!

467 473 513

Love my boy and love being with my boy in Mexico!



4 Responses

  1. Your photos are spectacular. Looks like a lovely time. Next time let’s plan a family vacation there, or just you and me, that would be okay too 🙂

    • I actually told Jodus that I wanted you and I to do a mother-daughter trip together while we were there! Maybe 2015? I turn 30? You turn 50?!!!?! It’s boound to be an epic year!

    • I’d be scared if you two ran off to some random resort armed with your cameras and bottomless cocktails……who knows what could happen. LOL. But I still think you should. You’d have a ton of fun for sure!

  2. Ahhh, I didn’t want to comment until I was done reading all the recaps, but I can’t help myself 😉 The photos in this post are downright gorgeous. The food looks spectacular. And you two are super duper cute. In the good way, not the annoying way 😉

    Also, I thought I was bad for taking 700 photos in Banff! You blew me out of the water! 😛

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