Welcome to Puerto Vallarta!

Our honeymoon was off to an early early start on Friday morning. We woke at 4:45 to drive, in the rain, to the parking center then shuttle to the airport, check in, with ample time for a decent breakfast. We went to the only restaurant in the entire SeaTac airport that offers real silverware: Anthony’s.

I started off the vacation on the right foot: with a Bloody Mary!

 863 881

Honestly, not the best Bloody Mary I’ve had but it did the trick to loosen me up for the flight!

Breakfast was fantastic for airport food! I got the Farmer’s Market Scramble that came with potatoes and coffee cake.


I am happy to report that I easily polished off the eggs and potatoes and picked the yummy streusel off the coffee cake! 😀

 Jodus ordered french toast and we had a lovely discussion over profit margins for restaurants. We are dweebs.


The first leg of the flight was seamless. We made it to Phoenix no problem.

We scarfed down crap (aka Burger King).


I had a veggie burger, fries, and we split a Fanta.

895 896 892

Disclaimer: I hardly drink pop but I always drink gingerale on airplanes!

And another side note: Jodus and I are both wearing shirts we bought at the Flamingo in Las Vegas during our wedding weekend! Are we puketastically cute?! I knew you’d think so.

Second flight was just over two hours to Puerto Vallarta… or was supposed to be. We ended up having a reverse thruster go out and having to do a “normal” emergency landing (pilots words, not mine!) in Mazatlan! We were seriously soooo close to Puerto Vallarta – just another 15 minutes of flying and we would have been there.

Instead, we were stuck on the plane on the tarmac for an extra two hours with just sudoku to entertain us.


When all was said and done, we had travelled over 12 hours to get to the resort and boy were we glad to be there!

True to all-inclusive form, we were immediately brought cocktails. Thank god. After a short check in, we were taken up to our room. It was pretty much no frills…


Except for the view.


Oh yes.


This is what we are paying for.


Ocean view. Balcony. Heavenly bliss.


I foresaw many meals and relaxing hours on this balcony.

063 070

It was relatively late by the time we got settled in so we just went with room service for our dinner.

While we waited, we watched the very fast sun set.

076 088

We might have gone a little crazy. Our eyes were much bigger than our stomachs.

Fish and veggies:


Shrimp pasta:


Chicken burritos:

091  092093

Annnnnd, beer.

095 096

We devoured then crashed into the king size bed that was beckoning us.


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like your honeymoon got off to a great start…the ocean view = bliss! 😀

  2. That “normal” emergency landing was not exactly the way I wanted to start our honeymoon, but once we finally made it to our room with that view (and had a couple of drinks), I didn’t mind at all.

    Thanks for teaching me sudoku. I can’t believe how much time I spent working on my first-ever puzzle….only to find out I had made a few mistakes and couldn’t finish it! Ugh.

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