Olives Happy Hour

Sorry to leave you guys high and dry last week! It was a bit of a whirlwind going from Vegas, home, to Puerto Vallarta and other than very brief wedding recaps, I didn’t have much time for blogging. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. The really only thing of any interest is that we went to Olives Wine Bar for Happy Hour on Thursday before scooting out of town!


We sat at the same table we sat at last time and funny enough, I happened to be wearing the same top!


We each selected a beverage from the happy hour – the husband elected for an IPA, always his beverage of choice. I  went with a pinot noir.


We were slightly ridiculous and ordered 4 of the 6 happy hour food items, especially after hearing that our server said they were more snack size servings than full meal items. (I was also sad that we didn’t get a dish of olives like last time.)


My two options were: smoked salmon croque madame and the Mediterranean trio plate.

The salmon between thin toast topped with an egg was amazing.


And better yet, I feel like I could easily recreate this on my own at home. I don’t’ have enough smoked salmon in my life.

The trio plate was decent.


The roasted tomato and feta was my favorite, followed by the garlic hummus, and lastly the tapenade.

845 844 846

The tapenade was just a tad too salty for my liking. I have a really sensitive palate though.

Jodus ordered the sirloin burger and macaroni and cheese.


The mac n cheese had chicken and truffles in it and was amazing. We almost ordered a second. Seriously.


But ultimately, we decided, with our bellies still not full, on a basket of parmesan and herb popcorn.


This popcorn was phenomenal and I was literally spooning out the niblets and cheese at the end of the basket!


I’m very happy with Olives. But their happy hour isn’t drawing me in quite like our dining experience at e-pu-lo, just up the street, last week. Their happy hour was a much larger selection and bigger portions, but it does come with a price. But I imagine we will frequent both regularly!


2 Responses

  1. mac n cheese with truffles sounds amazing!!

  2. I know it was wrong of me to order an IPA at a wine bar, but I just HAD to have one last really good beer before we headed off to Mexico.

    I wish I had tasted more of your smoked salmon croque madame. It was amazing!

    Oh and that mac n cheese with chicken and truffles was to die for!

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