The Day Before

Needless to say, after Friday night, we didn’t get to bed until 2 and didn’t get out of bed until near 11. We woke up to find my family in line at the buffet and we happily scooted in with them!

Check out my adorable 3-year-old nephew, Trenton! (With mommy, Janet!)

062 063

He’s a cutie.

I did some damage to the buffet but not as much as I’d have liked.

My first plate, I filled up with a nice salad complete with croutons, hard boiled egg, onion, tomato.


Mimosa’s were included!


(I had a few!)

Second plate was filled with randomness – shrimp cocktail, macaroni and cheese, some potatoes, a couple other little pastas. I didn’t clean this plate.


Dessert was perfection – frozen yogurt topped with oreo, m&ms, sprinkles and a chocolate chip cookie! I gorged.


Trenton downed a piece of German Chocolate Cake.


Not really. But he did make a good dent in it!

People watching was fun…


Sorry – I’m mean.

More family – Brothers Geoff and James, cousin Allissa.


After brunch, we headed to MGM where we got the low-down on some loose slot machines!

071 072



Jodus’ family joined us!

His dad:


Jodus with his mom:


After calling it quits with the slots and walking away up $700, we checked out the MGM lions!


Jodus and his brother, Dylan.


We headed back to the room shortly after and got ready for the “rehearsal” dinner.


It was at the Range Steakhouse and it was DIVINE. Absolutely fantastic food, great service, and a charming atmosphere! A lot of my pictures turned out like crap due to the low light but there were a million and one cameras so I’m sure we’ll end up with many more pictures!

Jodus and I:


Jodus and his brother, Dylan:


My mom, non-dad, Trenton, and Janet:


Jodus with his mom and sister:


Nope, they don’t look related at all! 😉

There were a lot more people, 21 of us all together, but like I said, I sucked at getting pictures. I’ll update you once I get more!

We started with bread baskets – I had one olive roll with butter.


The sommelier worked with Jodus and his mother to select a red and a white for everyone to choose from.


I got the cabernet and it was phenomenal.


The choices in appetizers were shrimp cocktail or beef coulette.


I opted for the shrimp cocktail. It was fantastic!

113 114

I did have to give a little lesson to the table that the yellow bag was not indeed a gift but that it was a lemon, in a bag with the purpose of catching seeds. It made me giggle.

The salad course was caesar.

103 115

Some people were scared of the anchovies. I devoured them!

Somewhere during the salad course, we were dedicated a song. We don’t remember what song it was but my brother picked it – so sweet!

116 117

The entire restaurant congratulated us on our upcoming nuptials. 

Onto the main course!


I selected the salmon with lobster risotto – you know I love my risottos!


This salmon was by far the best salmon I have ever had in my life. The risotto was a tad salty for my taste.


Jodus got the surf n’ turf. From what I hear, the consensus was that the steak was perfect and the lobster was slightly overcooked. And everyone loved the chicken entree as well.

Dessert was tiramisu or cheesecake.

105 126

I got the tiramisu and it did not disappoint! But tiramisu rarely does. I still don’t think it’s as good as my mother’s.

The rehearsal dinner was such a success! The food was great, the company was great! Our families seemed to hit it off! Thank you so much to Jodus’ parents for hosting it for us!

After dinner, Jodus and I walked over to the Bellagio to catch a show of the fountains.

134 136 138  141

We arrived just in time!

146 147 151

We weren’t right in front, but a little off to the side. It still worked out though! And we got more pictures on the wedding night!


6 Responses

  1. Yaaaaay!

    I love the picture of Jodus kissing you on the cheek. You look so happy! (As you should be!)

  2. 1) You look stunning in that dress
    2) That kissykissy pic is the sweetest ever
    3) I am grinning from reading your recaps. SO happy for you guys!!!

  3. I still can’t believe how amazing this past weekend was. I am so Eff’n happy right now!!

  4. Congrat’s ! IT was such a fantastic weekend!. Thank you for saying “I do!” , to my wonderful Son!. It was my pleasure to meet your wonderful family! It was great sitting with your Mother, not your Dad, not your sister and Trenton! And meeting your Father (I told him he reminded me of Bill Gates and Robert Redford-ha-ha). The evening, Wedding, and reception was the BEST event I have ever attended in my life!! Everything was Superb!!! Thank-you ! And have a wonderful life with Jodus! I love You- can also call me not- the -Dad.

  5. […] Lobster Risotto at the Rehearsal Dinner […]

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