The Day Before The Day Before

 We are finally home!

And M-A-R-R-I-E-D!

171 172

Neither of us ran for the hills! 😉

Friday morning started off early, and not so bright. We headed to the airport at 5:30 in the morning. I brought the last of the banana muffins for us to eat for breakfast.


At the airport, we got coffee and orange juice.

002 004 006

It was interesting juggling everything! I carried my dress on the plane because I was freaked about it getting lost.


It was a pretty miserable morning. Cold, rainy, typical Seattle.


But landing in Vegas, the sun was out and the sky was so blue!


We immediately headed to the hotel and got checked in. We stayed at The Flamingo and upgraded our room to one of the “Go Deluxe” rooms. From all the reviews we read online, it was supposed to be well worth and after we saw the room, we agreed! (And after we saw  my sisters standard room, we were so grateful for the upgrade!)


I  love that it was all pink and brown! It fit our wedding perfectly!

We had an amazing view – we were on the 22nd floor.

 011 020 021

Fun, funky decor…

013018 019024 025026 

… and a TV in the bathroom! Saaaaaaweeeeeeeet!

014 015 023

After unpacking and getting situated, we headed to Margaritaville, which is located in The Flamingo.

029 033

Naturally, we got margaritas.


I ordered the pomegranate margarita and the boy got a “perfect margarita”.

030 034

For lunch, I ordered the Caribbean Chicken Salad.

032 035

Jodus got the California Burger which he declared to be the best burger he’s had in a long time.


After lunch, we explored The Flamingo a bit.


We checked out the grounds, where the wedding was going to be and met with the coordinator, and saw the reception location. Then we headed out to get our marriage license then rushed back to get ready for the bachelor/bachelorette festivities!

For my shenanigans, we hung out in the room and played some games and drank some vino. I sucked at pictures. Sorry. Then we went out to dinner at Cozymel’s.


I started with sangria.


For dinner, I ordered the Sour Cream Enchiladas. (I ❤ Sour Cream!)

043 056

And we got fresh guacamole, made table-side!


Of course, I donned a tiara and veil.


I had a good time chatting it up! From left to right, Jodus’ mom (Trish), Antonia, Me, Claudia, and Jodus’ sister (Kelly). My mom showed up late and I didn’t get a picture. 😦


We headed out to the strip to hit up a club – PURE.


We danced. We had a very expensive drink. We got spilt on and shoved. And then we went back to the room to hang out. I managed one picture out and about – Janet, my sister that wasn’t at dinner, me, and Claudia!


Thank you, Claudia for putting all this together for me!



7 Responses

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  2. For reals…what’s up with the TV in the bathrooms in Vegas? I can’t wait to read the rest of the recaps! You look so pretty and so happy…yay 🙂

  3. That’s so cool! Congrats on the wedding. LOVE Vegas! 😀

  4. got lots of pics at the dinner…just can’t get them to load. Will try again in the morning!

  5. It was my absolute pleasure to put together an evening out on the town! I hope you enjoyed the well wishes of many drunk but happy Vegas strangers (Happy Birthday! Oh, Happy Marriage!), good food and some good music. I was just really happy to be there for you and be alongside such a wonderful friend who made one beautiful bride (& now wife)!

  6. I’m so thankful that you have your blog to capture all the craziness of our wedding weekend. It all went by so quickly. I will enjoy reading through these posts in the future.

    I love you so very much! I can’t stop smiling!!

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