Eggs to Beer

The tortillas in the fridge were beckoning to me this morning.


I scrambled up a couple eggs and topped them with chalula and sour cream.


I miss cilantro. Why  haven’t I been buying cilantro? Fresh herbs are seriously the secret to life. And butter. And bacon.

This breakfast didn’t quite do the trick like muesli did yesterday. I was gnawing off my arm at 11:30. So I dug in to my half of a leftover wrap.


Then I dug into spaghetti around 2.


Weird eating schedule.

Tonight, after work, I had a quasi-bachelorette party! A few of the women from work went to Rock Bottom with me and we enjoyed booze and food!

004 005

I had two of the lightest beer and a couple bites of nachos and a few carrots with hummus and some of that bomb fried bread.

They were so sweet! They got us a gift certificate to Macy’s, where we registered, and they also got me a MASSIVE gift certificate to SpaFinder and printed up a list of places I can use it in Vegas this weekend! SO sweet! I am so excited!

I haven’t had a bridal shower or an engagement party or any festivities yet surrounding the wedding so tonight was really special for me. I felt so loved! Plus, it was nice that it was just a bunch of women from the office and we could gossip our little hearts out!

Tonight really got me pumped for this weekend! I’m so excited! (And it was great to be surrounded by wonderful women in successful marriages! Such a nice change of pace!)

I can’t believe we are leaving in just a couple days!

Who is your marriage role-model?


2 Responses

  1. So excited for you chickie! I will be out of cell phone range from Friday – Tuesday so I just wanted to get in an early congratulations/good luck 🙂

    I don’t have a marriage role model, but my friend Meg’s is her grandparents-in-law. Sophie & Joe are in their 90’s and have been married almost 70 years. True love.

  2. My marriage model is a couple I’ve known since I was five! They have kids my age, so they’re obviously quite a bit older than me – but they have had a successful marriage and I know that they’re a lot like me & my guy.

    That’s so fun that you got to have a girl’s night out!!

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