So close!

In exactly one week, I’ll be at my rehearsal dinner! Hard to believe!

The weather outlook is good!


Somehow, it took my dad this long to figure out it is an outdoor wedding and reception. He got around to buying a new suit today! 🙂

And I think pretty much everything is done … now that I finally got around to doing the seating chart!


(Yes, we were watching 27 Dresses.)


And I got word from my mother that the guest book she made is complete as well!

(And I also bought something blue today but I think it would be inappropriate to post pictures. 😉 )

We also dropped $450 on new brakes for Jodus’ car which is awesome.

Overall, it was a gravy day! I think we are to that stage where we are excited and not stressed.

Breakfast involved a lot of butter.


Eggs in a basket!

007 005

Lunch was a salad with chicken and tri-color Costco bean salad and a side of my favorite Pasta Pesto Pea salad.

012010  015

(There was grocery shopping and a latte in there somewhere!)

Dinner was chicken fajitas!

034 035

And a tad extra of “the insides”.


We finally got The Blind Side in from our Netflix queue so I think we are snuggling up and watching that. Tomorrows agenda consists of laundry and starting to pack! We leave on Friday and have a very busy week ahead of us!


4 Responses

  1. So exciting, and the seating arrangement displays look beautiful!!! I can’t wait to see pictures of everything!

  2. Everthing is coming together! 😀

    Oh, The Blindside is great!

  3. Eggs in a basket? No way, they are called birds in a nest….did I not teach you anything? JK. Everything looks great and I am totally excited for the big day! See ya soon.

  4. “Breakfast involved a lot of butter.”

    And this is why I love your blog Leah 🙂

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