Um, last night, the power kept going out. And it pissed me off. So I went to bed…

At 8:15.

I didn’t mean to fall asleep. I was just going to read in bed. But I don’t think I even got around to opening up the book. Maybe I did. For a page or two.


So I got me some bangs on Tuesday night so yesterday I showcased them!

To swoop, or not to swoop, that is the question. I think swoop is better.

002 014

(Obviously playing with settings)

I think I like them! It takes some getting used to. Today, I have my hair pulled back and I definitely like having the bangs with my hair pulled back.


Yesterday, I gave up my beloved eggs for breakfast for the sake of satiety.


A big hot steamy bowl of banana oats with a huge dollop of Almond Butter.


I would say I ate 85% of this bowl.


And it didn’t really hold me over as well as I had hoped. Mid morning, I was about to gnaw my arm off and broke down and ate my emergency yogurt in the work fridge!


Lunch, I had a date with a former coworker – we just went to Subway. I got a 12” veggie on honey oat with pepperjack cheese, ranch, southwest sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, bell pepper, jalapeno, banana peppers, vinegar and black pepper.

It was decent.

After work, I got my oil changed. How come every.single.time you go to get your oil changed, it is never just an oil change? Last time I needed a transmission flush and power steering. This time it was the coolant. WTF. I hate giving the Grease Monkey $100+!! But my little Mazda does have a big birthday coming up! 😉

Dinner was a foamy bowl of chicken tortilla soup… minus any tortillas.


I topped it with a dollop of Daisy and some mozzarella.


It tasted a little sour so I’m wondering if this had gone bad.

But my stomach is okay this morning…

I also had a chocolate soymilk for dessert.

Today, I’m going on a little overnight retreat for work! We are going to the Canyon River Lodge just outside of Ellensburg (~2 hours from my work).

It looks gorgeous!



I’ve been debating on whether to take my big new camera or not. I think not just because I am not as familiar and confident with it as I’d like. And besides, it is pouring out. Good photo opportunity is minimal.

See you (and the boy!) tomorrow night!


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  1. Love the swoop!

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