Are We There Yet?

Ibuprofen and water were my friends today.

Oh, and more spinach!


Green monsters are officially added to my hangover remedy medley!

Today’s breakfast actually looks exactly like yesterday’s.


My eye caught Christina’s plate though!


I’m impressed with her breakfast skills and must copy her next time I have this combo!

(PS – I also love that she just went to the fridge and grabbed the chalula without asking or anything! I like when people are at home in my house!)

This morning was rough to get through. I ended up breaking into lunch a little early to help cure some nausea.


Leftover chicken parm! My lazy bone kicked in and I didn’t prep any veggies to go with. But honestly, my tummy just needed the carbs and protein and greasy cheesiness of this lunch.

This afternoon, I needed a pick-me-up and got a grande soy misto from the Bux. I might not fall asleep tonight but at least I didn’t fall asleep at work!

Speaking of work, things are really bad right now. My boss was admitted (again) on Friday night and is in the ICU and on a ventilator. (He’s been battling cancer for years.) Please please please keep him in your thoughts and prayers and send good vibes his way! He (and his family) needs it!

After work, I fought traffic back home, made a quick stop to get some bangs and then headed home to devour the quickest most nutritious meal I could muster up.

(Have I mentioned I felt like $h!t all day today?!)


More spinach!


Topped with some chicken that I cooked up the night before for extras and some Costco pre-made tri-color bean salad. It’s growing on me!

009 010



❤ Silk!

I want to take a moment to discuss some wedding things.

Countdown stands at 12 days right now until the big day. 10 until we go to Vegas.

Wedding planning hasn’t been easy, but it hasn’t been really all that bad either. I think the very beginning was rough – doing all the initial research, figuring out the budget, and actually narrowing everything down. At least, I think that was a huge challenge for us. I’m sure everyone is different.

We have had a 9 month long engagement. It’s plenty of time to plan a wedding of our caliber. If it had been any longer, I might have killed someone. The thing about wedding planning is that it isn’t a constant project. It’s done in pieces. Spread out over the  months. Little things here and there.

But it’s always on your mind. Your mind is always reeling. It’s constantly a thought. That’s kind of the annoying part.

Especially now. The home stretch. There are so many little things, last minute things, that we have to remember to do. To-do lists help. But the problem is that I have a to-do list at work, and one in my purse, and one at home.


Today and yesterday, I spent a decent amount of time researching name changes. I called a couple places and did some online research and came up with a plan of action so I feel a little better about it. But some places need different things than others. Like I can’t update my bank until I have a new drivers license. I can’t update my passport until we get back from Mexico. I can’t get on the boy’s insurance until I have an updated social security card. It’s like a big giant puzzle that is near impossible to make sense of.

But the pieces are coming together.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not “stressed” or freaking out. It’s just always on my mind. It is making me a wheeeeee bit batty. I’m ready to be done. I need a new project.

Are we there yet?


4 Responses

  1. Wow that’s a lot of stuff to figure out. I can imagine it would also be easy to forget something–or not know something. Eeek !

  2. I had a SUPER short engagement, which I am not so very thankful for, so I can only imagine how stressful it is. I was really lucky to have a lot of help and a really good MOH who loved researching as much as I did lol

    To me, the hardest part was figuring out all the name changes. I’ve been married 6 months and I STILL haven’t updated my cell phone account with my new name. I JUST switched over on my American Express. Filling out the form and going to the Social Security office was a breeze actually. I recommend you get an EXTRA copy of your marriage license, trust me on that one. We got two, lost one already (with all the copying and sending) and the other already has a coffee stain. Go us. Just get an extra one and thank me later. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you in Vegas! ❤

  3. HOME STRETCH!! So excited for you. Oh and,…Um when I am hungover all I want is pizza or something else really greasy. I think you did good!

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