Checking The List

Just another Saturday…

We started out with a big scramble for breakfast!

001 002

Mushroom, onion, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese


We took care of some thank you notes and wedding shizz this morning then headed to the salon where I spent 4 hours getting my hair did. A little overkill.

While I was there, Jodus brought me a misto and a scone from Starbucks and he went to the market and bought some pretty flowers for the house!

018 034

Getting home after 3 made us starving. I threw together the quickest thing I could muster up – a salad!


Spinach base. Topped with a Costco pre-made salad.


I’ve never had this one before. I generally like their pre-made stuff but not so much on this one. I didn’t like how much dressing there was.


But it did make decent salad dressing I guess.

Then I pieced up a leftover tilapia filet to throw on top for some protein.

025 026

It was ok. I ate 80% of it before handing the rest to the boy.


We tackled a bunch more wedding stuff this afternoon. I worked on the seating chart some more, emailed our photographer, checked a couple things off of our Knot to-do list, sent out our itinerary for the honeymoon to family, signed the rehearsal dinner contract. There is just a bunch of random little crap left basically. We also tidied up the house a decent amount.

Dinner rolled around and we took advantage of the rain-free sky to grill burgers. I think we do that at least weekly in the nice months!

Tonight, it was Morningstar Black Bean Burgers topped with pepperjack and jalapenos.


I loaded my burger with mayo, chalula, onion, tomato, and spinach.


And we had baked sweet potato wedges to go with.


Twas a fabulous meal!


I am dying to relax. Jodus is upstairs packing for yet another business trip. He’ll leave mid-morning tomorrow, leaving me to deal with tasks such as finishing up the seating chart and putting together the favors. I have a busy week ahead of me! And true to form, I have a sleepover on the books for Monday with Christina and I have a work trip Thursday and Friday! Lordy lordy. It’s going to be a long week! And an even longer one to follow that!


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