Weekend With my Pop!

I hope you all are having fabulous Mother’s Days! My mommy is out in Montana so unfortunately, I couldn’t be with her but I sent a card and a cute gift to make up for it! Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve actually spent a Mother’s Day with her since … 2003? I usually only get the chance to see her once, maybe twice a year if I am lucky! Last time, it was our evil Montana trip. The next time will be for the wedding in EXACTLY 3 weeks.

But my dad was a good replacement this weekend! 😉


His birthday was actually on Tuesday so we went up to spend the weekend with him! I got off work early on Friday to catch a ferry before the lines got insane. We ended up just missing a ferry so we had half an hour to kill before the next one. It was a gorgeous day out though so we didn’t mind at all!


We ended up going for a coffee at a place down by the water front I had never been to. I think it was literally called Waterfront Coffee but they served Caffe Vita.


While the coffee was delicious, I am dissatisfied by the fact that the barista did not know what a cafe au lait was and literally handed me a container of soymilk to put in self-serve drip coffee. “Um, would you mind steaming that please?” [insert eyeroll here].

At least I was in cute company!


Once we finally made it on to the ferry boat, my tummy was a little rumbly so I hit the food car thing and settled on a salted pretzel and cheeeeeeese!

029 034

Don’t worry, I knocked off more than half of all that salt and hypertension doesn’t run in my family so it’s all gravy, baby!


It hit the spot!

(Also, please note, that is a necklace my grandma made for me!)

The ride was perfect, the drive was gorgeous and music-free. We made great time and were at my dad’s by 5!

And somehow, I managed not a single picture for the rest of the evening! My dad grilled chicken and beef skewers with his own homemade marinade, some onion, mushroom, zucchini, bell pepper, roasted some sweet potato and grilled corn on the cob. It was all fabulous!

His buddy and his gf came over for dinner and then we played Settlers of Catan. The boy won. And it made me angry. And there was a lot of beer and tequila involved (for the boys) and blackberry cordial (for me) and Sin Dawg (for everyone).

Saturday morning, we set off for a hike! We had heard really great things about Mt. Townsend and it wasn’t too far. We did a little recon and found a brochure on it online.


Super stoked for the first hike of the season!

We fueled with a leftover scramble – cut up veggies and chicken from the skewers last night and egg!

037 038

It was really good!

The drive up was really nice!


The sun was shining! The skies were blue! I love the Pacific Northwest during these upcoming months!


As we got closer and closer to the trailhead, we started getting a little nervous.


It appeared we were heading closer and closer to those snow covered mountains!


Um… I guess we didn’t read the fine print.


It’s a little early in the season to do Mt. Townsend. And we had a bitter cold week before.

Yeah, can’t even get to the trailhead.


I mean, we could. But then it would be an 8 mile hike in the snow. And we weren’t exactly prepared for that.

So down the mountain we go.


And up another, much smaller mountain: Mt. Walker.

And the road goes all the way up to the view point. So, so much for hiking.


It was a great view.

050051 052 065 

The sun was blinding and the camera couldn’t really pick it up but we could see Seattle off in the distance – in a cloud of haze.


It’s there. I promise.

Obligatory pictures ensued.

059 061


We ate sandwiches and jerky in the car on the way home from our epic fail of a hike.


I showered, you know, since I had worked up such a sweat, and then we headed into town.

We hit up the Farmer’s Market for a hot minute. 


It’s pretty tiny.

Then we headed down to the PT Brewery to enjoy the sun a bit!


Dad says they are the best local beer. I believe him. It was tasty!


We took our beers out to the beer garden.


I had to giggle. It is literally a bunch of plastic chairs and tables set out!


It’s so very Port Townsend and I love it!

I had the Chet’s Gold Golden Ale.


Nice and light! Perfect for a day like today!

In the tasting room, they had a chess board, cards, and a cribbage board so you know we snatched up that board and played a game while we downed our cold beers!


Yeah, the boy won that game too. GRR.

I may have had a second beer as well. 😉

We did some more goofing off around town then took Dad out for his birthday dinner!



We went to Fiesta Jalisco out in Hadlock. I remember it being decent but I was not too happy about this meal.

We started with chips and salsa and I requested a side of beans which we weren’t charged for which rocked.


The salsa? Blech. Really watery. Lacked a lot of flavor. Needed some cumin or something. Obviously, we still managed to choke it down though. 😉

I ordered the vegetarian burrito.


I was instantly disappointed with the lack of sour cream and guacamole and ended up asking for some sour cream on the side and they charges $1.75 for it! Ugh! The burrito itself was kinda weird. It had carrots and broccoli in it which I guess is cool but I was expecting more peppers, mushrooms, maybe some squash. I don’t know. It didn’t seem super authentic to me. And I am not a huge fan of verde sauces either but I guess that is my own damn fault for not reading the description first.

Jodus ordered a chicken burrito of sorts and it was substantially smaller than mine.


He even managed to clean his plate which is a rarity for Mexican!

Dad got the Enchiladas Mole.


Also, disappointing. It really just lacked a lot of flavor. I think we decided to just stick with El Sarape like from now on. That’s where we went when we came up for our engagement pictures last year and I was on my 100g of fat a day “diet”!

We went home, watched Wedding Crashers, and passed out. I might have gotten a tiny sunburn on my forehead and nose from being out in the sun today! Eeks!

This morning for breakfast, we headed to the Hudson Point Cafe!


Dad said it was a good “hippie” place. Honestly, I didn’t think it was that hippie, but it was good!


Hi, Dad!

I ordered the Veggie Scram.


The scramble was pretty standard but the cheese on it was really good. The potatoes were pretty standard too. Not quite as crispy as I like them but it works. The toast. OMG the toast. It was so good. Just plain wheat toast. Toasted. Buttered. On both sides. With that jam. Lordy, that jam was good. I ate all the toast. Every single piece. And left a few potatoes and a few bites of scramble on my plate.

We said our good-bye’s and hit the road! It’s about a 45 minute drive to the ferry and a 30 minute crossing and there was laundry to be done!

Lucky us, again, we drove up just as a boat was leaving. So once we got parked, we headed down to the water.

097 098

Can you see Mt. Rainier?


Someone built a kinda neat little fort!

099  103

We headed home and got right down to business – laundry, groceries, tanning, Google Reader, Grey’s Anatomy… oh wait.


2 Responses

  1. Leah! I still love you to peices! You are simply one of the best people I have ever met and THANK YOU for the vicarious trip “home”. Sigh…I laughed, I misted up a couple of times and then I laughed some more. You just TOTALLY made my day! And I have to agree when it comes to the Mexican food in Jeff. Co. The best thing in the Hadlock resturant is the carpet. Ya gotta love the carpet though I would never want to be drunk and try walking across it…
    HUGE hug to you and yours!
    Did I ever tell you I stole the only nice picture from *a place you and worked together once*? It’s in my kitchen and I look at it every day. It’s one of my all time favorite things and it always makes me think of you. I’ve been torturing myself about whether it would be the perfect wedding present or if it was too weird.It’s pretty and it would make me happy if you’d want it…
    Otherwise I gotta say I’m leaning towards a massaging foot bath. For real. I LOVE mine!I do NOT want make somebody feel obligated to hang art on their wall they didn’t pick out.
    Happy Day! (in general)

  2. Port Townsend makes me think of my childhood. Lots of great places to explore!

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