Waffles & Work

Today was quite possibly the most random day of eats I have had in a long time.

Un-random was my breakfast though. It’s Wednesday and that only means one thing.


ABJ waffle!


Bomb diggity!


Lunch was where the weirdness began.


Yeah, I steamed some broccoli.


And I ate some ground turkey.


And some not-at-all-good hot potato salad.


I felt really weird just straight up eating some ground turkey. But I felt good about getting rid of random shit in the fridge. For some reason, we have mass quantities of leftovers and the boy didn’t need lunch twice this week. That worked out well… *scoff*

Dinner, I had plans to eat said leftovers. I had mucho-prep work to do for the boy’s work potluck tomorrow (I made homemade salsa, guacamole, and prepped chicken tortilla soup.) but when I thought about it, I really just wanted some vegetables. And butter. So that’s what I had.


I roasted a pan of the last of our carrots and a sweet potato, and a pan of the last of our broccoli, a zucchini, a squash, and the last of our asparagus. Again, it did feel good to do a little fridge cleaning, even if it wasn’t leftovers this time.

020 018

I also had an impulse buy at the store – a loaf of multigrain bread.


Which I slathered with this:


I had to get my butter fix somehow. And I probably had 2-3x the amount of bread pictured. I love CARBS.

Throughout the day, I had 2 cups tea, 3 pieces of chocolate, a yogurt, and a tiny banana.

I’d like to take a minute (or five) here to talk a little bit about my work.

You may or may not know that I am just an Administrative Assistant at a financial advising firm. Yes, I am aware that my BS in Biology is doing me a ton of good here. I have been at the firm for 1 year and 3 months now. In that year (plus), so much has changed.

When I got hired, I was the assistant to a gentleman named David. He had been battling cancer and was in remission and was looking to get his practice up and running again and needed someone full time. It wasn’t my ideal job but I had been rocking the unemployment for 6 months and needed soemthing, anything, and I didn’t care that there were no benefits and the pay was a little less than I was looking for. I’d make it work. I would earn my keep.

Unfortunately, shortly after I started, his cancer came back and he’s been battling it ever since. This allowed him little time and energy to put into the practice and I found myself at work bored out of my mind most days. I kept myself busy at the computer. Thank god for the internet, right? I would visit forums, read blogs, do research, look for other jobs because I was convinced my boss was going to die on me… It was not a good situation.

Eventually, he partnered up with another gentleman and I thought I’d start getting more work… but that didn’t happen. Times were obviously tough for David and I hated going into work everyday wondering if I would still have a job but naturally, I empathized with his situation. But my paycheck relied on him getting a paycheck and that wasn’t really happening consistently. It’s the nature of the industry I guess.

In a really great turn of events, in November, one of the women in the office, Linn, that has been there for nearly 20 years now, she sweet talked her boss and David into letting me split my time with her team and David for awhile – a trial run if you will. I was essentially working two part time jobs in the same office to make a “full-time” paycheck.

Their team had ample work for me. I stayed busy during my 4-5 hours a day with them. I liked the work. I liked the team. So it turned into a permanent thing. Everyday, I juggle two desks, two phones, basically four bosses when you boil it down. I love it. I love the multi-tasking, I love feeling useful and needed, I have a great mentor now. I feel more and more fulfilled with my work, even if I am just an admin.

This new team, they are adding another advisor and 50+ clients. And it is pretty much a logistical nightmare. But I love it. I’m a sadist like that I suppose. I’m getting pulled in every direction. I feel the need to come in early and stay until I’m not needed any more for the day. I like the brainstorming. I feel challenged. I never really expected this from this job. And if all goes well, I may move full time over to this new team, at some point, and take on even more responsibilities and projects.

But on the flip side, all that is leaving me exhausted. And slightly overwhelmed. May is shaping up to be crazy. It’s probably the most inopportune time (for me) for work to be getting insane. A wedding is more than enough to deal with.

So my very very long story short, I’ll probably be relatively absent for the rest of the month. There are some exciting things going on though so I will definitely be keeping you posted. And I’ll need my outlet at some point. And I should have some fun things to share. 🙂 But for now, share with me.

What has been your all time most favorite job ever and why?


5 Responses

  1. My favorite job was as a tax preparer. It was crazy hours for a few months and then way relaxed for a few months. Everyday was something new. Fun!

  2. I’m going to have to say when I work at HRS – (Vital Statistics) I worked several departments – Started in Adoptions, then paternity, then corrections. I loved it. The Adoption Unit was pretty cool – I started doing tons of research for the Adoption Registry – parents trying to locate children, and children trying to locate parents. It was a really awesome place to work – not to mention it housed all birth/death/marriage certificates for the state – there was a HUGE vault…literally the door was a vault door……that is where I spent a chunk of my time 😉

  3. I wish I could say I had a perfect/favorite job but I haven’t found it yet! My current job is better than most. I can listen to my headphones all day, I wear jeans, and it’s really laid back.

    I’ve been craving waffles like mad for a month now. I’m seeing them everywhere. The universe must want me to eat waffles. 😉

  4. My favorite job was working at a bookstore. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the opportunity to be introduced to new bestsellers!

  5. Awww, I’m so happy that you’re in a job that challenges and excites you!! I reallyreally hope to have that some day. My favourite job was probably Starbucks, although I did really enjoy this last one as a communications officer at a university. I especially liked the paycheck 😉

    I’m going to be absent this month too – c’est la vie! Besides, what will we blog about when we’re not out living life? 😉

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