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Packin’ My Bags

In exactly one month from today, I will be landing in Vegas and starting the most special weekend of my life.

I really can’t believe it. It’s totally surreal.

And I want to start packing already.

I think that in general, all weddings are pretty much a logistical nightmare. But an out-of-towner is especially. We specifically booked our airfare with Southwest to avoid any baggage fees because lordy, I am going to have A LOT to bring for that weekend.

Friday, obviously I will dressed comfy for flying and scoping out the strip a bit.

Friday night, I’ll be donning a fabulous Vegas-y dress + heels (don’t know which)+ jewelry (don’t know what) for my bachelorette party and also need to pack hair straightener.

Saturday, I plan on sporting pajamas until at least 1pm.

Saturday afternoon, I’ll probably cruise the strip some more. Casual. Probably the jeans I wear on the flight plus a tank and some flips. Maybe a swimsuit? Though I don’t want to risk burning or getting any funky tan lines.

Saturday night is the rehearsal dinner. Another fab dress, pink high heels, jewelry (again, not sure what). And my curling iron.

Sunday is wedding day. I need to plan something comfy to wear for getting my hair and make-up did. Something that is a button up so I don’t have to pull it over my head. Maybe my halter sun dress that I’ll be able to pull down?

Wedding day is the big suitcase filler. There is the wedding dress. Which I’ll be carrying on the plane with me. My enormous crinoline slip. Another pair of heels. Another set of jewelry. Fascinator. Of course my strapless. Spanx.

And then I’ll be married.

And then I’ll go home.

Crap, do I need wedding night lingerie? Eff.

Then there are things like table numbers, wedding favors, little table confettis. My grandma will be bringing my bouquet. My mom will be bringing the guest book. We will probably have gifts for our parents and pseudo-MOH/BM.

And I feel like I’d want my laptop. My camera. Chargers for everything. My big make-up bag. Oh lordy.

And on our wedding website, and in the invitations, we made note that we would prefer any gifts be sent to our residence instead of brought to Vegas. But what if people bring shit? A lot? Or big shit? How the heck are we going to get it home? I think my Aunt is driving… maybe we can pack up her van if need be. But then I’ll have to make a trip down to Olympia to get everything after the honeymoon.

Logistics. Are. A. Nightmare.

I am consumed by the packing situation right now. I’m seriously going home and considering laying everything out and figuring this out.

I think the boy would strangle me if I started loading up my suitcase(s) now.

I might strangle myself, actually.

But it’s hard to resist the urge!

5 Responses

  1. i’m having wedding freak outs too…my wedding is in 2.5 weeks and I can’t even believe it. I don’t know how you guys can handle planning a destination wedding, I don’t thin I could do it logistically!

  2. Why not ship the decor to the hotel ahead of time? That is what my friend did for her out of town wedding, and it made things much easier.

    • Because I’m a control freak and would be paranoid about it getting lost or not making it there one time or getting mixed up with another wedding.

  3. It is super stressful but sounds like you already have things pretty well mapped out. I carried my dress on the plane and the flight attendant offered to hang it in the captains closet for me. Which was great because it didn’t end up jammed on the overhead. Not sure if that’s always available but I’d definitely ask. This month is gonna fly by, good luck!

  4. Yeah, I can see that. Make sure the most important things are in your carry on though.

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