Right On Target

So last Friday night, before the fun girlie party, Christina and I hit Target. I went in with the intent to buy a new make-up bag and to look at some new work clothes. I was successful on both counts!

Monday, I sported a new little top/cardigan thing.


Love the coral/salmon color!

On Tuesday, I wore a new button down.


With a pair of new pinstripe slacks.


And some sassy stilettos for good measure!


Mega comfy and professional for a good price – can’t beat that!


Thursday, after I finally got around to doing some ironing, I wore my new favorite dress! I think it’s super easy to dress it up or down!

Summer fun: no tights, and some sandals.

004 009

Work: tights, stilettos, cardigan.


I got one other top that I wore last Friday actually. And I’m too lazy to go get a picture of it. 😀


3 Responses

  1. You’re incredibly beautiful in all of those outfits. I’m one lucky H2B, that’s for sure. You did a great job shopping at Target, I’m impressed.

  2. Love the wedges with the dress! Very cute outfit!

  3. So I love all the outfits, but the dress is the best! You’re adorable as always.

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