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Oh man, my day of laziness yesterday came back to bite me in the butt today!

Yesterday, I literally planted my butt on the couch all day and only got up to pee and eat.

I’m serious.

The day looked like this:

Watch Ugly Betty.

Watch ANTM.

Eat breakfast.


Talk to the boy.




Watch Cashmere Mafia. The entire series.

Eat leftover Chinese for lunch somewhere in there.

Watch Suburban Girl.

Eat some chocolate.

Eat a Caitlin-inspired dinner.


Talk to the boy.

Watch I Love Trouble.


Google Reader.


Yeah, I was a lazy ass.

And today, my day is more like this:


Eat breakfast.







Grocery Shopping.

Talk to boy.

Talk to mom.



Watch Brothers & Sisters.


Talk to boy.




Awesome, right?


So, about  my last post. I totally value every. single. opinion. that everyone has about my hair styles. What I don’t appreciate is the attacks that people made to other people’s comments. I also think that some comments were better poised than others but that is neither here nor there. As far as the hair styles and colors, I have my personal favorites, and I have ones that I strongly dislike, and you all obviously have yours. I didn’t know things could get so heated over a strangers hair, ya know?

I think that the general consensus was with hair style #3. I generally agree. I do think I’m going to move towards a longer and warmer “do”. How warm and how long? I’m not sure. But at least now I have a decisive direction. Thank you all for your input!

4 Responses

  1. I was really lazy yesterday and I’m going to regret that in a few days when I run out of clean clothing. Whoops.

    You have more guts than I do, posting years worth of hairstyles online, I would SO never do that…I’m always afraid of judgement.

  2. Loved the boys comment. I agree you looked great in all the shots but the blondies were my fav.

  3. I thought the popular vote was blonde, not 3. 😕

  4. You definitely had a lot of guts opening the floor like that in your last post! But you should do whatever makes you happy! I’m constantly told I should grow out my natural blonde, but I honestly don’t enjoy looking in the mirror when it’s that colour, so what’s the point!? You’re going to look gorgeous on your wedding day and beyond no matter what you do to your damn hair 🙂

    P.S. We would totally be perfect hang out buddies. Your day of nothing sounds like the perfect day to me 🙂

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