Year Of The Ox

The boy had another business trip that he left for this morning so last night, we decided to eat out! Any excuse, right? 😉

For some reason, standard Chinese food totally sounded amazing!

Now, you guys know me. I rarely go the same place twice. I rarely cook the same meals twice. I rarely order the same thing twice. But tonight, we found ourselves at the same restaurant we ordered from for New Years Eve (love that post) and we ordered the same exact thing.

Crazy, right? (What can I say? I get bored! So repeats are a rarity!)

The restaurant is Asian Wok in Lynnwood. It doesn’t look like much. But it’s clean, the menu is diverse, and the service is impeccable.


I love the bright vegetables on their menu!

011 001

I love that you get complimentary green tea. And Jodus ordered a nice light beer and was kind enough to give me a couple of swigs.


We started with a couple of spring rolls which were pretty standard.


For our entrees, we shared Mongolian Beef and General Tso’s Chicken – hands down, my two favorite Chinese dishes. I’ve been ordering the same thing since college! (And Hot & Sour soup!)

017 023

I was really sad that they didn’t have a brown rice option. But oh well. White rice is bomb, but brown rice is healthier. Meh.


Our spread:


My plate:


The Mongolian Beef is better than the General Chicken. I should try ordering something else next time I think.

I am one super lucky lady!


Yep! Two fortunes in one cookie!

The thing with Asian Wok is that it totally hits the spot. It’s nothing new or amazing but it is totally drool-worthy.

Best thing? There is leftovers for lunch. 😉


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  1. I wish that I had the time to cook a different meal every night, but I find that I make a couple meals over the weekend and that is what ends up being my meals for the week!! Boring I know, but I have to do what works for me. I hope you have a great sunday and good week!!

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