Hair History

With the wedding less than 50 days away, I’m actually starting to think about stuff for afterwards. Lately, I’ve been ever so consumed by the looming Big Day. Brief thoughts of the following honeymoon have cropped up. But my thoughts have been consumed by May 30th, 2010.

After spending nearly 3 hours in a salon chair yesterday, and walking out a tad darker and cooler than I would have generally liked, I thought a lot about what to do after the wedding. I’ve been growing my hair out. For the wedding. But what’s next?

My history with my hair is that it is ever changing. I’m not one of those girls that freaks out and cries for hours after a bad haircut. I can only recall one instance of tears and that was right before Senior pictures so it doesn’t count.

I’ve had short hair. Long hair. But mostly mid-length.

I’ve had blonde hair. Brown hair. Black hair. Red hair. Highlights. Lowlights. Two-tone.

And I feel like I’ve been able to pull of pretty much anything. Maybe I’m delusional? I’ve always thought that my skin tone was very versatile. My eyes and eyebrows seem to fit any style. But maybe that isn’t the case?

So I turn to you, my dear readers, friends, lurkers, for your unbiased opinion.

(Who am I kidding! No one is unbiased!)

So what do you think?

Long? Short? Dark? Light?

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24 Responses

  1. I really like pics #1 & #3 for colour, and #13 for lenghth and style. 🙂

  2. Number 3 all the way! Long and dark. Not too straight, not too curly.

  3. I think I am digging the blonde. Especially the picture above the last one (white blouse, loose locks, blonde w/subtle highlights). I even like that length & love the style.
    Also like picture #3 for the style, but in colors, the lighter shades look especially wonderful. 🙂

  4. love the 2nd left photo and the last photo to the left, both nice length and nice color 🙂

  5. I’m with everyone on #3 for style, but I like the lighter look! Would be nice for summer at least – a little sunkissed 😉

  6. I love everything about picture 12 , the one with curly redish blong hair.. i think it looks awesome on you!! 🙂

  7. I like the dark brown with layers-# 3 i believe.

  8. I love the blonde on you (especially the waves). It makes your eyes stand out, brightens your complexion and softens your features. Blondes have more fun!!!!!

  9. I like them all….you are a natural beauty Leah.

  10. #8 with purple eyeshadow & #10 are my faves. I’m a sucker for highlights, especially since I can’t get them anymore 😦

  11. There isn’t one person who can pull off any look. You need warmer colors that don’t contain any blues (your current one has a blue base…It won’t be “warming up” anytime soon). Longer and blonder makes your nose looks smaller and your skin not so washed out.

  12. Blond with waves is so pretty! Styles where you have highlights look really nice too. I’m a brunette and a highlighting junkie – I have too many grey hairs so the highlighting blends them in a bit more 🙂

    Anonymous reader is a sourpuss! 😛 You look gorgeous in all the pictures!

  13. I’m diggin the lighter shades and medium lengths on ya!

  14. I vote dark. It looks sexy & sassy! Rock it sistah!

  15. The only reason you feel like you’ve “been able to pull off anything” is because you’re delusional as you’ve suggested and/or some of the people you’ve surrounded yourself with are incapable of providing you with objective opinions because they love you so much or simply don’t realize or care how cruel it is to lie to you about some of the horrendous hairdos you’ve put yourself through. The person who has been referred to as a “sourpuss” is one of the few people here who seems to be looking out for your best interest. I mean, seriously, you have a wedding coming up– a day you’ve dreamt of your whole life, wanting to look and feel your personal best– and people are telling you your hair looks awesome. It doesn’t. You should never ever have a hairstyle that is dark, cool toned, or lacking depth– regardless of length. You skin has a warm undertone and you have some very strong facial features that require softening with depth and lighter (warm) colors. Of the photos you’ve provided, 5, 12, and 13 are best and they fit the requirements I’ve mentioned. You look so much prettier in these photos that I’d never even know some of the others were the same person.

  16. I say 3 or 6….but you should dye it orange.

  17. You’re beautiful in all the pictures!

  18. To the other anonymous and “Ashley”

    Give me a break. I think she has lovely features and is very pretty.

    You both(unless you are same person?) have some sort of gripe or envy going on.

    I disagree with these two posts.

  19. Anonymous, if you don’t think facial structure and skin tone play a role in determining the best hairstyle and color for a person you’re sadly mistaken. I don’t even know Leah but I put a great deal of thought into my comment. She asked for constructive, unbiased, criticism and that’s what I provided. You’re not required to agree but a little objectivity would be nice.

  20. Wow. Look at all this commotion! I think it’s rather interesting that out of all your posts on your food blog….that you’re getting the most feedback about your hair. You’ve got so much more going on for ya! And what about some of those A-M-A-Z-I-N-G meals you’ve put together?! You’re creativity? Knowledge about nutrition? Witty humor? Geez.

    Anyways….I think you’re beautiful no matter what (but I’m expected to say that). However, I do happen to like shots 1, 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. & 13. Hehe.

  21. I like your hair best in your engagement pictures & now. The color is no fuss yet sophisticated and the cut looks astronomical on you. The longer hair styles are nice and playful, but lets be serious, you are a girl on the run! you need something that looks chic & sexy even if you have five minutes to blow-dry & style. (and from a girl with long, layered hair, sexy is never accomplished in 5 minutes of styling for me, haha)

    I might be biased because I am a sucker for light eyes and dark hair……hehehe.

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  23. well I like the 3rd as well..the cut is really nice..and I also like the one with the solid white shirt. I agree with the lighter colors – especially with warmer weather coming (so says my sister the hair stylist) But I think you look nice with dark as well – but the highlights would look really nice!

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