Girls Night In

Last night, one of the gals in the office had a purse/jewelry/candle party at her home with a ton of women! I have serious house envy! Here are a few pics I snapped:

032 027 023 022

Wow, right? I love her taste and the colors and everything! And her kitchen is massive! 2 dishwashers even! AND a fully loaded bar? Yes, please!

The host:


With an AMAZING spread of food!

012 013 014 016 017 018 020 021

Christina was my hot date for the event and made me giggle all night!

019 031 035

The bartenders took care of us and we took care of them by making a tip jar!

008 015

I had a few mimosas (and a Patron shot).


My plate:


I also munched on some other random stuff throughout the night.


028 029 030

The tiniest sliver of red velvet I could muster and just a bite of chocolate cake.


(And I ate 2 Turtles.)

AND what the night was all about:


024 025 026



And candles that I managed to not get a picture of? WTF?

I left with nothing… but I did some damage at Target before hand. I’ll show you my treats throughout this next week. 😉 I’m just too damn cheap/picky to pick up anything at these kinds of parties.

But I had a fantastic time hanging out with ladies from work! Carole throws these kinds of parties all the time but I’ve never been able to make it because of my second job! It was really nice to get out and enjoy myself… twice this week! 😀 Thanks, ladies, for the best time!



3 Responses

  1. Glad you had fun! My kind of party:)

  2. That looked like fun! And did you say Target spree??? Cant wait to see your buys 🙂

  3. What a spread! I’ve got a little house envy too. Some day when I live in a gorgeous home, I’ll have parties like this too 🙂

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