Split Pea Soup ala Crockpot

Ridiculously easy, I tell you. Ridic.


And totally up my alley.

Last night, after I came home from Happy Hour(s), I enlisted the service of the boy to chop an onion and 3 carrots. In the meantime, I dumped 4 cups of dried split peas, 2 quarts low sodium chicken broth, 2 quarts water, some pepper, and marjoram into the crockpot with the elusive ham bone.


Yep, that’s it.

This morning, I pulled it out of the fridge, stuck it in the crockpot, and left it on low from the time I left that house (7am) to the time I returned (4:30pm). 9.5 hours is probably a bit longer than I’d like but I don’t have a crockpot with a timer option… yet. 😉

I gave it a good stir when I got home and turned the crock off.


Massive quantities of soup. MASSIVE. We each had a bowl for dinner. (Duh!) AND we got xxx containers of tupperware full of the stuff now!


(There is one more container hiding in the fridge too. And yes, we still have more ham in the fridge (and freezer).)


Oh, by the by. I did partake in Waffle Wednesday!


That’s a mixed fruit salad I made on Sunday night with plums, cuties, strawberries, a pear, an apple, coconut, walnuts, and ground flax. With a squirt of agave on top for good measure!


And the boy and I both had ham leftovers for lunch. Me plain slices with wild rice. Him the pasta dish. With dinner, we’re up to 14 (?) servings. Plus 5 of soup ready to go already. 19. Really? And we are maybe halfway through the ham? That really makes me feel not guilty about spending $15 on a piece of meat. At the rate we are going, we are going to get 30 meals out of this. You do the math.


2 Responses

  1. Wow…50 cents a meal (is that right?)…can’t beat that and that soup looks so good! I’m seriously debating buying and cooking a ham because I missed out on one over easter. And making soup with the leftovers!

  2. Holy moly!! That IS ridic!! I’ve been buying a lot of pork lately because it’s so damn cheap Obviously, I need to put it to work in a split pea soup 😉

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