Happy Burfday, Christina!

I left you with our ham tally at 6 last night.

Let’s add two more for breakfast today.


That’s a fatty scramble with 1/4 of an onion, 1/2 a bell pepper, 1 jalapeno, 1/2 a can of kidney beans, and a couple ounces of ham, topped with sour cream and cilantro.

 002 007

It was ridiculously easy to throw together since all the chopping was done the night before!


Thanks, boy!

(The boy also had leftovers for lunch today so that puts us at 9!)

My lunch was more fun than ham.

010 011

Yeah, I ate cake and tart for lunch.

It was Christina’s birthday! We had to celebrate!


Everyone met in the conference room, promptly at noon, to help her celebrate.


She’s the ripe old age of a-quarter-century-old now!

Our real lunch was actually at California Pizza Kitchen. I’d never been! I loved how bright and airy this location was!

013 014

We may have had some Zin.


And since we were full of cake (too sweet!) and tart (YUM!), we just split a little pizza.


We ordered the Greek pizza with whole grain crust and it was bomb.


Bombness increased by extra tzatziki!




It was actually the perfect amount of food!

(Full disclosure: I also had a string cheese, 2 chocolates, and a kombucha before lunch today!)

Celebrating continued into the Happy Hour!


We hit up Rock Bottom. (Yep! The place I took my grandparents for Tuesday $2 mug-o-beer night!)

I had a hefe and we ordered an array of appetizers that we all shared.

021 022 023 024 033

Yep! Bar food! Totally rocks!

Christina found a HUGE piece of bleu cheese in her bleu cheese dressing for her wings!

028029   032

Oh, and Jodus had another serving of ham with dinner so that brings us up to 10!


I had a good time tonight. It was nice to go out with coworkers and hang! Christina, you should have a birthday EVERY week!



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  1. I don’t have twitter–but I noticed your request for a Vegas restaurant recommendation. I call Vegas home (quite literally) and though I haven’t visited every restaurant, my favorite so far would have to be Red Square at Mandalay Bay. It’s actually a Russian restaurant, which is kind of different, but the decor is awesome, the food was fantastic and the service was great. It is, however, pricey. For my boyfriend and I, the check was $170, including drinks from the bar. Good luck finding the perfect restaurant for you 🙂

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