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Ham Ham Ham

Last night, for Easter dinner, I baked my first ham.

001 002 003

We bought a 7.3lb spiral sliced honey ham from Costco at $1.99 p/lb.

007 008

I’m taking bets on how many meals the two of us can get out of this sucker!


To go with, I made mashed potatoes complete with salt, pepper, butter, cream, and garlic powder.

004 012

And a simple side salad with Easy Herb Vinaigrette, croutons, tomato, and spinach.




I’d forgotten how much I like ham! I haven’t had it in ages!

Of course, I had a hot date!


Ain’t he cute?

So that’s two meals down!

Lunch today, the ham naturally made an appearance! I made a wrap with rice, kidney beans, ham, spinach, and sour cream.

015 021

With some FSTG chips and Sabra on the side.




It was literally busting at the seams!


So filling and delicious! The boy had ham slices and taters for his lunch too. That brings us up to 4 meals!

AND dinner, naturally, again, contained more ham! (This is what the rest of the week is gonna look like btw.)


I made a pasta dish with onion, garlic, mushroom, spinach, ham, salt, pepper, butter, and topped with parmesan and served over egg noodles. 




It was delicious.

And we are super romantical and ate watching Grey’s. Classy.


That brings our total up to 6 meals in just over 24 hours. I’m seriously taking bets on how many meals you think we can get out of a 7.3 lb ham. What are your thoughts?



4 Responses

  1. I hope you make split pea soup out of the ham bone and some of the meat! That’ll make like 6 more meals or something, haha. Did you use a recipe? We didn’t do Easter dinner so I’m feeling ham deprived. I hate deli ham but I LOVE whatever the heck they make Easter ham out of, haha.

  2. Pork is the King of meats! Love to put leftover ham in mac-n-cheese! Nice job Leah.

  3. I love Easter ham! Endless delicious leftover possibilites. I say you could easily get a dozen more meals outta that sucker!

  4. I love ham too. Fave way is in a pita (obvi) with melted cheese. It gets all flat and greasy and downright amazing.

    Hmm…I’m pretty sure I got 6 meals out of the mini ham I bought – sooo 15!

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